Place #1: Hidden Treasures At The Brooklyn Flea Market


Does Garance Doré ring a bell? My sister (Justine)* had an internship with the immensely popular blogger this past winter and had the opportunity to live in New York for three months. So what, you ask? Three words: Family road trip! Yay!  Not even a few weeks later, my other sister (Virginie)* and I, are on our way to a weekend getaway to the Big Apple.


Justine, already fully immersed into her new brooklynesque neighborhood, brought us to the Brooklyn Flea Market. Instant major crush.

We came in by the restaurant section called Berg’n. Everyone was tightly sitting next to each other, with their hands full of pints and tacos. The atmosphere was similar to a big family party… but with 250 people, and where your cousins and uncles suddenly become the most stylish pals on earth.


The rest of it was a thrift shopping paradise! I found a gorgeous all mohair blue cobalt coat with the perfect masculine silhouette (click here to see it). Home décor wise, don’t be disappointed if you can’t find that original neon Easy Rider poster. Justine took it.


My sister Justine.


My sister Virginie.

*Remember those names, I talk a LOT about my sisters. I’m also giving you visual cues to make it easier.

Because I’m always looking for a reason to go to New York, what are your favourite vintage spots?

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