Place #2: Hostem Or The Most Beautiful Boutique


Hostem : The main body of a plant or shrub, rising above ground but occasionnaly turning subterranean, to originate in or to be caused by, to restric the flow of something, to stock, trunk, shank, stop, check, and so it grows…

Undoubtedly the most striking boutique I’ve ever seen. Located in the artsy East End of London, the onyx coloured building seems to be an art gallery at first glance. That is because of James Brown the founder/curator (and not the singer). Opened since 2010, the place is growing one story at a time. Just like its name suggest.


I won’t try to convince you otherwise, I’m a really emotional person. True to myself, I walked around the boutique — which, I have to specify, is four floors high — with my mouth wide open and with tears of joy in my eyes. Truthfully, I have cried at the sight of many fashion shows, Dries Van Noten and Alexander McQueen are my usuals, so my reaction didn’t come so much as a surprise.

But let’s forget about my oversensitive turmoil. The clothes selection, from Thom Browne to Simone Rocha, puts forward the most impressive craftsmanship while encouraging the slow fashion movement. Some qualities I was able to fully appreciate once I managed to stop looking at the floor, covered with 4500 steal tiles places in chevron shape.




Make sure to bring tissue with you. You might leave with your eyes a little wet.

Hostem, 41 – 43 Redchurch Street, London

Have you ever been to that boutique? Do you know any other places that is similar?

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