The First (Unexpected) Time I Fell in Love


The first time I fell in love was not with a boy. Nor with a girl. It was with a fragrance.

I was about 10 years old, flipping through an Elle magazine (thanks for the gift mom!). Until the page with THE paper flap spread open in front of my eyes (or nose in that case). Romance for Men by Ralph Lauren literally turned my little girl’s heart upside down.

For what appeared to be at least 6 months (maybe it was a little less, our time conception at that age is totally unreliable), I booked myself romantic dates with page 134. I would sniff it, close my eyes and dream away. Definitely a weird ritual now that I think about it.

Since then, scent has played a (super) important role in the way I perceive seduction. A special someone who leaves a trace of their fragrance on my clothes is one of the sexiest things.

What role does scent play when you meet someone? Have you ever fallen in love with a smell?

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