One Simple Trick To Get Your Fair-Skinned Legs Ready For Summer


Let’s get one thing straight. I don’t tan. My skin will forever be porcelain white and I’ve grown to be fine with that. However, when summer days make us crave for shorts and flirty dresses, I still want my skin to have that sunny  glow.

My trick to fake it without going under the rays or applying a (smelly) self tanner: spreading oil all over my body. Apart from making your skin wonderfully soft, you will radiate with a satiny finish.

It goes without saying that you should always put sun protection underneath first. Sun loves anything shiny.

As for which one to pick? You could definitely go with the classic baby or coconut oil, but I like something that’s a little more complex in terms of fragrance. Here are my three favourites:


Dry Body Oil by Moroccan Oil: A mix of argan, olive and avocado oils and the yummy signature scent of the brand.

Neroli Portofino Body Oil by Tom Ford: Citrus oils, floral accents and amber notes make this oil feel like pure luxury.

Amazing Grace Satin-Finish Body Oil by Philosophy: This refreshing mist is a bouquet of bergamot, muguet blossoms and musk (my all-time favourite).

Intro photo by Naomie Tremblay

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