3 (Realistic) Ways To Wear A Coloured Liner


In the lipstick department, I’m up for every imaginable colour. Except for black – it’s a little to Halloween-esque for my tastes. On the eyes though, that’s a whole different story. As much as I love the rainbow looks that keep popping up every fashion week, I have difficulty envisioning myself wearing that kind of look on a day-to-day basis.

Clearly, it’s a mission that requires the input of a pro. I asked Léonie Lévesque, a makeup artist (who I love!) with whom I’ve worked many times as a stylist and a model, to share a bit of her expertise. She is, in my opinion, the colour wheel master, and that’s why I can’t wait to try the three techniques that she’s sharing in this post.

Just before you start reading… I like to think that crafts and I make one, so I painted (with the mentioned liners) Leonie’s looks on photos taken from magazines. I assure you, we’re not in papier mâché territory.

marc-jacobs -beauty

1. A Citrus Stare

“ I love using unexpected colours on the waterline. It adds a touch of summer and subtle singularity. For this orange liner, apply it on the inside of the inferior eyelid and keep the rest to a bare minimum: a good coat of mascara and that’s it.”

Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in Orange Crush!, Marc Jacobs Beauty


2. Keeping In Line

“ Swipe your usual black liner for a kaki one – it’s beyond gorgeous with hazelnut eyes. It doesn’t make a dramatic change, but it still feels fresh.

I suggest a cat eye style with that one, since the tip is ideal for a no-fuss application. Paint it near the base of the eyelashes and stretch the line out and up to lift the eye. For a bolder result, cover your eyelashes with a kaki mascara or put a bit of the liner on top of your black mascara, to create tinted streaks. In that case, a bright lipstick would the best addition: a striking mat red or a shade that falls on the orangey side.”

Ink Liner in Bosch, Kat Von D


3. Cobalt All-Over

“ The jumbo coloured sticks are great to do smoky eyes. Here, I got inspired by a look done by the makeup artist Pat McGrath for a Anna Sui’s fashion show a couple of years back.

Using the pencil, cover the whole upper eyelid and smudge it with your fingers. Apply a coat of black mascara. If you wish to go all out, colour in your waterline and near the roots of your lower eyelashes. Pair it with structured brows and a nude pout. Voilà!”

Colourful Shadow & Liner in My Boyfriend’s Jeans, Sephora Collection

All products are available at Sephora. Photos from Elle magazine.


Which of the three options will you try at home? Let me know how it goes!

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