4 Things You Need To Know About Perfume: The Creator Of The Love Story Fragrance By Chloé Shares Her Secrets

Anne Flipo, the creator of Love Story by Chloé.

Have you smelled Love Story by Chloé? It’s pretty much Before Sunrise in a bottle, except it’s set in Paris. In other words, it’s the perfect summer fling, where romance meets sensuality.

The genius behind the mixture is Anne Flipo, who also created L’Homme for Yves Saint Laurent and Jeanne for Lanvin. I had the chance to chat with Flipo and learn some of her professional insights. Take notes.

1. Do you want your crush to fall in love with you instantly? Spray yourself with orange blossom.

“From my experience, I’ve come to realize that men can’t resist the smell of that white flower, which is the main note of Love Story”, shares Anne. Mmmm… Why didn’t anybody tell me that before?

The bottle design references a lock, an ode to the Pont des Arts, a symbol of love in Paris. The bridge, until recently, was covered with those.

2. Whether you like or not, seduction is about smelling good.

“People often neglect their olfactory sense, even though it’s such a powerful driving force. It’s instinctive. You can meet the nicest, hottest, funniest  person, but if his intrinsic or extrinsic odor is bad,  it’s over.  That’s what love at first sight is about”, tells Anne.

3. You’re the first person who should fall in love with your perfume.

“When trying to find your signature scent, you should go to the store alone every day, smell a couple of fragrances, try a sample and repeat the process until you find one you like. Only after, you should consider other people’s opinions”, suggests the expert.

“Perfume is powerful: for yourself, because of how it makes you feel, and for people around you.”

So you better choose it carefully.


4. I personally spray perfume on my wrists and neck, but based on Anne’s advice, I’m doing this completely wrong.

“Apply your perfume where blood flows the strongest: behind your knees, elbows and ears, on your cleavage, at the base of your neck, etc . The heat and humidity will make the scent travel way more.”

Like I told you before, smell is a huge deal for me, so receiving advice from Anne Flipo was such an amazing experience! Do you have any tips relating to perfume? How do you pick a fragrance?

Photos by Agnieszka S.

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