July : 5 Things I Love


1. Not that kind of Valli girl

MAC Cosmetics has always succeeded at collaborating with unexpected and exciting names. The latest one: Giambattista Valli. Saying that I like the designer would be an understatement, I looooooove him! I remember receiving the book, Fashion Designers’ Sketchbook, and being in awe with his drawings. You have to get this Valli bible (note: not the official title, but that’s how I call it) it’s the only way to dive head first into the Spanish creator’s impeccable universe.

Back to this beauty collection fully dedicated to the lips! The palette reminds me of a rose garden blooming, a recurring inspiration commonly found on Valli’s runways. Collaborating with MAC since its very first beginnings in 2005, the duo is a match made in heaven, where flowers burst in vivid hues of pinks, corals and prunes.

Available on July 9 at MAC

2. A new place, a fresh start

Have you ever lived by yourself? I mean, no boyfriend and no roommates. Me, never. Never until now. A big step that I’m deeply excited to take.

After squatting a year at my parents’ place, I finally found a gorgeous oasis that I can now call home.  My stuff, my world, my life. It may sound trivial to certain people, but giving myself the chance of being completely autonomous means a lot to me.

ALSO, all I can think of right now relates to decor and Anthropologie’s home section. I’m warning you: you will be bombarded with constant update of my new furniture, door knobs and handmade artwork. Who knows? It might even become a whole new section on the blog.

3. Extending my expertise to… fashion tourism!

On a personal note, I am starting a new series for La Presse newspaper about fashion tourism in North America. Want to know where to shop? Where to dig for cool finds? I’ve got you covered. For each city – I won’t divulge any name, because the suspense is tooo good – I asked three locals to share their favourite spots. Turn on your iPad on Friday July 10th and download the La Presse + app. I’ll be waiting for you in the fashion section ;)

4. Welcome to the world of David Altmejd

One of the most sought-after contemporary artists right now, David Altmejd, is having his first full exhibition at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal. The creator, who feeds on sci-fi and biology as a source of inspiration, builds (often huge) installations that are disturbing yet beautifully mesmerizing. Rings a bell? You might have seen his pieces at the Venice Biennale in 2007 or at the Whitney Museum in New York or at the dozens of other places where his work is displayed.

Fun fact: When I lived in London 5 years ago, his kind sister, who happened to be a friend of my hairdresser, sheltered me while waiting for my return flight home, which had been cancelled due to poor weather conditions. Since then, I’ve consistently been curious about the Montreal’s artist career.


Showing until September 13

5. A pretty sight: VUSUNGLASS

Check all that apply:

a) You have a sweet spot for kickass frames.

b) You like exclusivity.

c) You live in Canada.

If you checked yes to all of the above, than this is for you. VUSUNGLASS is the little online sister of Boutique VU, located in Montreal. They offer exclusive designs, limited editions or collections that you thought didn’t exist anymore. Whether you’re looking for those crazy round Tom Ford shades or the two-toned ones by Balenciaga, you’ll find one to fit your stylish needs. If you live in the city, you can go pick up a pair in person or if you live elsewhere (like your couch because your PJs are too comfy), the design of your dreams is a couple of clicks away.

What are you looking forward to in July? Let me know in the comments section.


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