Part One: 4 Beauty Junkies Share Their All-Time Favorite Skincare Products


I read almost every magazines out there. It’s my job, but I also enjoy it. If I didn’t, I would make a living out of something else… like singing perhaps. Yeah, right, I’m not good at that.

Anyways. My point is that, no matter how many beauty top 10s I see on those glossy pages, sometimes I just want my girlfriends to tell me which products they’re loving these days. There’s something very valuable about someone willingly spending their money on a product, praising it and buying it repetitively.

With that mindset, I asked four girls around me to share their favorite must-haves of all time.  Yup, not an easy task, but they managed to do it. Actually, they had so many wonderful things to say about their most cherished creams, makeup and hair products that I decided to make a cosmetic series out of it.

First one up: skincare!


Katia Hanine, Founder and editor of the blog Lapiz of Luxury

Makeup Remover Take The Day Off by Clinique

How did you discover it? Being a beauty blogger, I obviously go through a lot of beauty blogs and YouTube videos. I have a weak spot for English YouTubbers, particularly Vivianna Does Makeup. I fully trust her opinion regarding skincare and she recommended it in one of her videos. The day after, I was at Sephora buying it.

Why is it so amazing? I won’t deny it, I’m a lazy girl when it’s time to remove my makeup at night. This product is an all-in-one that removes every type of makeup in no time.

How do you use it? I put a small quantity of the liquid in the palm of my hands and rub them together to warm it up. The heat from the skin makes the product melt into a type of oil that I then apply on my face. I rinse it with a wet washcloth and my makeup is gone!


Laurie Deraps, Makeup Artist for Dulcedo Agency

Daily Scrub Body Buff by Moroccanoil

How did you discover it? It was a gift.

Why do you love it so much? The orange blossom scent is exquisite and I love the way it makes your skin feel after using it. Usually, when I use a scrub, my skin ends up being dry and tight. However, this one contains argan oil, so it leaves your epidermis moisturized and satiny. It feels like I’m at the spa – but at home!

How do you use it? In the shower, massaging in circular motions.


Stephanie Boridy, Personal stylist at Holt Renfrew and cofounder of We Are Summer

(WARNING: Stephanie has three of them.)

Makeup remover wipes by MAC Cosmetics

One of my favorite skincare products are those wipes – I love that they have moisturizer in them! On days when I’m too lazy to take off my makeup at night, I simply use these and I feel as if I’ve almost treated my skin as well as actually washing it. Almost ;)

Body Lotion BEACH by PINK

Also, I am literally obsessed with Victoria Secret’s PINK limited edition lotions. There is one that is a spray lotion. I bought it in California and loved it so much, I ended up ordering four more bottles online, because I could never find it in any Montreal stores!

Bronzing Mousse by James Read

And last but not least: I’m a big self-tanner fan. I’ve tried so many of them! My new discovery and current favorite is this tanning mousse. James Read’s product range is the best in the self tanner game. It dries in 60 seconds flat and the result is so natural looking! I always get tons of compliments.


Patricia Larivière, Senior Account Executive at MSL Group

Topical Emulsion by Biafine

How did you find out about it? I lived in France for three years. The drugstores there are gold mines, filled with ointment for all ills. Biafine is a basic there, so that’s how I discovered it. Every home has some, so I had to get my own too.

Now, as soon as someone I know travels to France, I order a couple of Biafine. Once, a family friend really wanted to make me happy so she brought back something like 20 tubes! They were going to get bad before I could use them, so I offered them as gifts and made a couple of addicts simultaneously!

Why is it so great? It’s unique to France and it’s impossible to find any equivalent in America. It’s a pomade that tones down redness and heals lesion. It’s the best ally for tired skin in the winter and as an after-sun in the summer.

How do you use it? I apply a small quantity on my wet face after cleansing it with a gentle soap. That’s it!

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Your turn now! What’s your all-time favorite skincare product?

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