Part Three: 4 Beauty Connoisseurs Reveal The Most Amazing Hair Products


In the past weeks, Patricia, Stephanie, Katia and Laurie shared their beloved beauty products. Skincare, makeup, and now hair products; let’s tie up that series with their fav concoctions to care for their manes (which, by the way, are all ridiculously gorgeous).2-laurie-deraps-best-hair-products


Laurie Deraps, Makeup Artist for Dulcedo Agency

Best hair product: Hydrating Styling Cream by Moroccanoil

How did you hear about it? While working with the Moroccanoil team backstage at New York Fashion Week.

Why is it THE best product? It moisturizes and styles your hair in one step. Goodbye frizz and hello shiny hair!

How do you use it? In multiple ways, but mostly as a finishing touch to any brushing.


Stephanie Boridy, Personal stylist at Holt Renfrew and cofounder of We Are Summer

Best hair product: Royal Blow Out Spray by Oribe

How did you start using it? A friend recommended it to me. I’m pretty sure I shop only based on referrals ;)

Why do you love it? It makes blowing out my naturally curly hair a piece of cake while creating a silky texture.

How do you use it? I spray it onto my wet hair and blow dry it in sections.

Side note: For the summer, I also love mixing Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray with a spritz of John Frieda’s Beach Waves. It smells like coconut, my favorite summer scent! Because I have curly hair, when I spray it on wet hair it just won’t create that naturally tousled look so many girls crave. However, through trial and error, I discovered that if I put it on second or third day DRY hair, I can get that beachy finish. It’s also very efficient against summer humidity! I’m looking forward to taking it to the beach on vacation this summer.


Katia Hanine, Founder and editor of the blog Lapiz of Luxury

Best hair product: Nutritive Mask Oleo-Relax by Kerastase

How did you find out about it? Nine years ago, whilst on my first trip in Paris, I had given myself the mission of coming back with a bunch of Kerastase products that were not yet available in Québec. So I went to a French hair salon and asked the hairdresser which products would be the best for my hair type. I left the place with four products that I’m still using to this day!

Why is it a must-have? My hair is frizzy and, despite my love for the beach, the sun and summer days, it’s not always cooperative.

How do you use it? I apply it once a week in the shower. It helps tame my mane while facilitating my brushing.


Patricia Larivière, Senior Account Executive at MSL Group

Best hair product: Shimmer Lights shampoo and conditioner by Clairol

How did you hear about it? I discovered it at the office. The bottles were hidden behind newer products and no one really knew what to do with them. I brought it all back home and gave it a try.

Why is it so good? It’s a high quality hair salon product at a seriously good price. My hair has been platinum blonde for the past year. It’s a color that requires a lot of care: the hair becomes more fragile and can shift to a yellow tint if the wrong product is used. That shampoo is an old-time classic and I think that all the blonde grandmas in the world have tried it at least once!

How do you use it? Since it doesn’t foam a lot, I mix the Clairol shampoo with another moisturizing one. I then stir the conditioner with my current hair mask to create a real protection barrier. I leave it in for 3 to 4 minutes so it neutralizes my color.

Pro tip: The mixture is purple and hyper pigmented, you have to be really careful! I have an all-white bathroom… I made a mess more than once.

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Your turn! Tell me what are you favourite hair products in the comment section.

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