How To Make Your Lipstick Last Longer Than Ever


I have a secret. It’s about my lipstick. Whenever I hang out with my girlfriends and my lips are painted, there is always a moment of bedazzlement: “But how do you make it stay so long?”. My lips can be crimson colored and remain 95% intact after I’ve made my way through a whole burger (no utensils in sight).

I believe all girls should have the right to be touch-up free and not be afraid of smudging their lipstick. Open your eyes and read carefully. It’s an INCREDIBLE trick.

(Writing in capital letters feel like we’re in an infomercial. Except this time, it REALLY works.)

1. Moisture and moisture again

The first thing you should do when you start your makeup is to put lip balm on your pout. I’ve learned that from a makeup artist on set. That way, by the time your whole face is done, your lips will be soft like fluffy clouds.

2. Prep the surface

My technique has one flaw: it can leave your lips a little dry. Solution? If you have a lip primer on hand, use it before applying your lipstick. It will create a protection barrier between your skin and the product, meaning less flaky-desert-like lips.

3. Trace out and color in

With a lip liner, trace the contour of your mouth (90’s style!) and then fill in the rest. Make sure it’s the exact same colour as your lipstick to ensure a flawless result.

4. Lipstick time!

Apply it just as you normally would. No fuss, no technique, just put it on your pretty lips.

5. Set everything in place

Last but not least, powder the surface with a brush gorged with loose translucent powder. Press your lips together a couple of times, so the powder is evenly distributed and doesn’t form pale spots.

The combination of the lip liner, the lipstick and the powder acts as a three-way glue, making the color last longer than ever. Enjoy your burger.products-lipstick-veryjoelle

1. Lip Primer by Bite Beauty

2. Lip Balm by Bobbi Brown

3. Translucent Loose Powder by Laura Mercier

4. Fanny Audacious Lipstick by Nars

5. Violet Lip Liner by Smashbox


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