Tested: The Fake Freckles Trend


The latest beauty trend: fake freckles. No, it’s nothing like that Pippi Longstocking costume we all wore at a prepubescent Halloween party. The concept is far more subtle and refined. It’s about recreating the freckles like you were born with them.

Let’s be honest here. Unless you’re an ultimate beauty devotee, this look is seriously intimidating. What if they don’t look real? What if it starts raining and my freckles smudge into a big brown puddle? What if…? Yup, pretty risky. BUT, since I’m fully dedicated to this blog and I’d do anything to spare you useless embarrassment, I gave the trend a try.

(I’m not showing you a how-to since there are so many good ones on YouTube. However, if you have any questions application-wise, don’t be shy and ask in the comment section!)


Encounter #1: My parents

A week ago, my parents called to say that they’d be coming over to help me fix a couple of things in my new place. The PERFECT opportunity to test my fake freckles. Would the people who literally made me notice the difference??? Tam tam tam.

As soon as I hung up, I grabbed my eyebrow makeup kit (with all the different brown tones, it’s definitely your best bet) and I started dotting my face. Twenty minutes and a wrist cramp later, I was immersed in my new persona.

Full disclosure, I have a couple of natural freckles, but a tiny fraction of what you see here.

So, did they notice?? Not at all. Although my mom was staring at me more than usual (maybe I was being paranoid), no one said anything. When I told my mom, she couldn’t believe it! As for my dad, I waited it out and he never saw the little spots. But you know, guys don’t notice that kind of stuff. Except my boyfriend.


Encounter #2: My boyfriend

The same night, I was having a pizza date with my boyfriend in Little Italy. I’m a lucky girl, he never misses a chance to tell me how beautiful he thinks I am. On that evening though, he said it so many times, he was clearly digging the freckles. It’s only when we received the check that he casually said: “It’s crazy how freckled you get in the summer!” And then, I spilled the beans. After 12 seconds of full denial, he was amazed at how convincing they were. He even said that they made me look like a little rascal. With my forever-baby-face, I took that as a compliment and I kind of wished they were REALLY mine.

My toolbox: Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color and Lash Stunner Extreme Lash Primer by Stila

Encounter #3: My sister Justine

A couple of days later, I had a work/talk/coffee meeting with my sister. If someone was going to uncover my secret, I knew it would be her. She has the sharpest eye for details and she knows me by heart. Fifteen minutes together and she shouted: “Did you paint fake freckles on your face?!” Busted. In my defense, I had previously posted a picture of my makeup tools on Instagram with a brief description of my mischievous plan, which she had already seen. Nevertheless, she made it clear that they looked very real.

Bottom line. People just don’t expect you to paint fake freckles on your face. If they’re there, they must be real… right? So if you render them well and don’t give away your secret, you will definitely get away with it.


What do you think? Could I have fooled you with those fake freckles?

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  1. Haha fun post ! What a great read…I’m Asian but have mixed blood (some caucasian from my mum’s side), no natural freckles so-to-speak. Wonder what’ll happen if I tried it!! lol
    You’ve inspired me to make a make-up tutorial of a “fake-freckles” look. Gonna follow you hun 👍 Check out my youtube page – http://www.youtube.com
    You’ll prob see the tutorial up in awhile 😉Cheers

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