The Only 4 Makeup Products You Really Need


If you’ve ever bumped into me on the street, chances are I was carrying a handbag thrice my weight. Efficiency is a passion of mine, which explains my dire need to make the most out of every outing. A press event is happening downtown? Let me bring my sports gear so I can hit the gym on my way there. While I’m at it, I should bring my laptop if I feel like working at Kistuné Café afterwards. Oh no, but now I won’t have time to go back home and change for my cocktail date with my friend, Steph… I’ll just put an extra outfit in my bag. You get the picture.

What I believe to be practical quickly transforms into a 35lbs burden. BUT, I’m determined to infuse more life hacks into my so-called efficient lifestyle, so.. Step One: Remove all unnecessary knickknacks. First in line: My makeup bag. I know, it’s probably the lightest object in this bag of chaos, but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day. One step at a time.

Through trial and error, I’ve come to realize that whether it’s for a full face or simple touch ups, these 4 products are all you really need. The key is to find multitasking products that help unleash your creativity.


1. Anna Sui’s Illuminating BB Cream

You could use whichever brand you prefer, but this one is amazing because it sits halfway between a light BB cream and a sheer foundation. The coverage is easily buildable, meaning that it’s like buying 3 products in 1.

The way it’s meant to be used: All over your face, obviously. Since BB creams contain hydrating ingredients, it’s really not a big deal if you don’t apply a moisturizing product before. Your skin will look radiant regardless.

Rebel against it: Ditch concealer! Once you’ve applied a first layer of this product, use it again to go over the spots that need a little more TLC (under eye circles, zits, etc.). Also, don’t forget to pat the cream onto your skin and not to rub it. Otherwise, you’re taking it off as you’re putting it on.

Forget everything you know about makeup: What about putting it on your lips? Yup, you heard me right. Take your Chubby Stick (see #2) and mix it directly onto your lips with the tiniest drop of BB cream. You just made yourself a brand new nude lipstick shade.


2. Clinique’s Chubby Stick

The American brand offers one Chubby Stick for your cheeks and one for your lips. I say you only one of them. Let’s say I pick the latter, because it has moisturizing agents.

The way it’s meant to be used: Surprise, onto your lips! The color is sheer, so you don’t even need a mirror to apply it. Perfection.

Rebel against it: Make sure you pick a shade that is cheek-friendly, like a coral or a warm pink. Trace a line from your temples to the apples of your cheek and blend it with your fingers in circular motions. Although not mandatory, I advise the use of a mirror for this one.

Forget everything you know about makeup: If you want your Chubby Stick to be a true multitasking master, choose one of their neutral shades. It can then go on your lips, on your cheeks and… on your eyelids! Paint your eyes just like you would with a creamy eye shadow. They’re pretty much the same.


3. Benefit’s Brow Zings

It’s simple, it works and it stays. No wonder it’s one of the brand’s all-star products. By now, we also know that well structured eyebrows are the equivalent of wearing a perfectly tailored Armani jacket.

The way it’s meant to be used: Almost all eyebrows need a little bit of love. Whether it’s a minuscule gap or an uneven shape, the matte powder and the tinted gel should settle all your problems. Facial hair wise I mean.

Rebel against it: Roughly apply it with your fingers on your top and bottom eyelids to create a subtle smoky finish.

Forget everything you know about makeup: Take the brush you used to fill in your eyebrows, dip it in water and apply the powder close to your lash line with it. You’ll see, it will act as a liner.


4. Smashbox’s Photo Op Eye Brightening Mascara

It’s filled with blue pigments (don’t worry, it still looks black) which are meant to make the whites of your eyes pop. It’s also long lasting and flake-proof, two important features for one of the hacks that I’m about to tell you.

The way it’s meant to be used: Like any other mascara! I like placing the brush at the roots of my eyelashes and holding it there for a couple of seconds before brushing it upwards. It gives an extra kick to your curl.

Rebel against it: Try to get a lot of product on your wand and apply a drop on the back of your hand. Dip your finger and smudge it on your top eyelid or use a brush to create a clean line.

Forget everything you know about makeup: Sorry, it doesn’t get any wilder than this.


Do you have any beauty hacks? What are they?

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