My Week-Long Beauty Challenge (And You Get To Participate!)

Tuesday September 22nd. That’s how far ahead I’ve planned this post. It’s not that I’m unorganized… I’m spontaneous.

That morning, I got up with a plan in my head: categorize all my beauty products. Sounds fun you say? Okay, a little bit. Still, most of you don’t have to deal with this:


Stop gossiping right now. I’m not a beautyholic near bankruptcy. I just happen to write many beauty articles and testing products is one of the great(est) perks… or is it? Looking at all this, I had a moment of pure clarity. Most of these products, like 75% of them, have never sat on my face for more than 5 minutes or seen actual daylight. Why? Here’s how it goes.

  1. Press package received.
  2. YESSS! New products to try (for journalistic purposes, I just want to make that clear).
  3. Like a 4-year-old at a restaurant with crayons and a placemat, I cover the back of my hand entirely with lipsticks and eyeshadows.
  4. Oh, #2 and #6 are niiiiice! Let’s try them on my face. Merde, my line is all crooked. Thank god, I’m in my PJs alone at home and I don’t have to see anybody for the next 8 hours.
  5. Too lazy to do the other eye. Screw it. Nobody will know.
  6. Article done. The product goes into the “forgotten pile”. I go back to my earthy tones smoky eye and forget about what just happened.

Transfer that story into my real area of expertise, fashion, and I would call myself names. It’s like having a closet filled with Christopher Kane, Marni and Raf Simons and let the moths eat the hell out of them. (The clothes, not the actual designers. Your mind is twisted).

Therefore, I’m throwing myself a challenge. For a full week, starting tomorrow, I will get creative with products I’ve NEVER used before. You can trust me on this one: I’m risking it all for the blog, yet again and again. Every day, I will report here about the cosmetics used, the overall look and any noteworthy reactions that my experimentation will have caused.

Electric cobalt eyeliner? I’m not afraid of you anymore. Purple lipstick? Pfff, whatever. Also, if you have any special requests, I want you guys to tell me. One rule: there’s crazy and craaazy. I’m not trying to look like this. It’s only an attempt to get out of my comfort zone and, eventually, get you out of yours too.

Let me know in the comments section what you want me to tackle! I probably have it in my beauty kit ;)

Okay, see you tomorrow xx


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    1. Well I have some good news then ;) the purple lipstick look will kick off the challenge tomorrow. As for the eyeshadow, the closest I have to yellow is orange, which is even better if I want to use the Halloween excuse.

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