Beauty Challenge: Purple Lipstick


Product used : Approaching Storm lipstick by MAC Cosmetics

Overall look: Dark lips, a little bit of bronzer, brushed eyebrows and mascara.

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Fear #1: The eggplant color is so contrasting on my fair skin… Isn’t it kind of intense for a day look? Do I look goth?

Outcome: I braided my hair to soften the almost-black lipstick and I made sure to not wear any clothes made with vinyl/leather/studs/fishnet. Problem solved.

Fear #2: Going to the gym is the only reason why I have to get out of my apartment today. So I’m basically getting all dolled up to sweat on a treadmill.

Outcome: I work out at Nautilus Plus on the Plateau, which is filled with perfectly groomed people who:

  1. Don’t have a fashion blog.
  2. Are not even doing a beauty challenge.

No one noticed my lipstick nor my beautiful princess hair.


Fear #3: It’s going to be such a hassle to take it off before working out and then put it back on when I’m done. Already thinking about my post-cardio burgundy face paired with the purple lipstick… So chic. Not.

Outcome: I removed the lipstick in 20 seconds and applied it back in a minute. Instead of trying to draw the cleanest symmetrical line, simply blur the outline with your fingers. It’s much more forgiving. As for my lobster face, I stretch for a good 10 minutes at the end of each workout, which is plenty enough time to bring my skin color back to some kind of beige.

People’s reactions:

  • My sister Justine, explaining to me why I should sport my eggplant lipstick not fearing people’s judgement: “I wore a dark purple lipstick the other day and the cashier at the grocery store told me it looked nice.” Juju, you always have the right words.
  • People stare a lot, especially men. Get ready for extra attention.

Read the first post of the Beauty Challenge series here!

What do you think about eggplant lipstick?

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