Beauty Challenge: Cobalt Blue Eyeliner


Product used: Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner, in Cobalt, by Stila

Overall look: Colorful eyeliner, a bit of bronzer, mascara only on the upper lashline and a candy pink lipstick.

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They say that fashion, and therefore beauty, has a 20-year cycle. That means that something you experienced back then will resurrect two decades later (and haunt you, depending on its nature). I’m 25, so comebacks are creeping their way back into my life.

Stress #1: I only had one fear regarding this look. Girls about my age, and boys too for that matter, will know what I’m talking about. Do you remember when we used to split our hair right in the middle, leaving two strands hanging around our face while the rest of our mane was held back with butterfly clips? That really cool hairdo was usually completed with an elastic choker found in a teen magazine wrap AND, most importantly, with a bold white eyeliner along our top lashline. The choice of nuance varied now and then, usually after a trip to the mall where we’d stop at that no-name counter in the middle of a hallway. Then, we would harass our mom until she bought us the super duper phat (remember that word??) shade of the moment.

Outcome: I did everything in my power for it not to look dated, so I ditched the velvet slinky dress and opted for my palm tree (or is it another type of grass? I’ve never really known…)  Ganni shirt. The Barbie pink lipstick was also a totally conscious decision. It made me feel like a chick in 1986, chilling on Miami beach, which, for some mysterious reasons, I enjoyed A LOT.



  • I had a family dinner for my mom’s birthday and no one really said anything other than “That’s today’s makeup? It looks niiiiiice!”. Definitely more incognito than the first two looks.
  • Funnily enough, I bumped into a guy from my elementary school, the trend’s birthplace, but he didn’t say anything about my makeup. Then again, I wasn’t wearing butterfly clips or an elastic choker.

Photos by Justine Paquette

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Will you give the look a try? What other color would be nice?

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