Beauty Challenge: Purple Gaze


Products used: Eye Enhancer Eyeshadow, in Silver Lilac, by CoverGirl and Eyeshadow kit, Temperature Rising limited edition, by MAC Cosmetics

Overall look: Iridescent lilac eyeshadow, raspberry creamy blush and rosy pout.

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The moon moves ocean and plays with your brain. Powerful? Totally. Last night, it was full PLUS there was a lunar eclipse. Enough to make people do weird stuff. For me, that translated into spilling coffee three times on my couch (now my bum smells like espresso) and wearing purple eyeshadow.

Also, whenever there is a full moon, I gather up with two of my favourite ladies (Stephanie and Victoria) to talk inspirations and aspirations. We humbly nicknamed that monthly meeting our “diva date”.

With the two together (moon+diva time), it was written in the stars (pun totally intended) that I would pick an ethereal shade, like mauve, for my beauty challenge. Unfortunately, the final look didn’t meet my expectations. Luckily, I learn from my mistakes. So here are my two pieces of advice:

1. Make sure you work on a completely dry eyelid

I put moisturizer around my eyes right before I did my makeup and god did I regret it! The color kept cluttering in my skin folds, resulting in a very patchy look. Multiple times, I had to pat the color with my fingers to (re)(re)(re)spread it evenly.


2. Wear something fun!

“I have nothing to weeaarrrr!” was yesterday’s mood. Everything was either dirty or didn’t satisfy my style ambitions. I ended up in a white shirt and black fake leather pants.

Advice 2.1: It’s still too hot out to wear faux leather. Refrain yourself peeps. You’ll regret it.

So I opted for a monochromatic look… GIRL, YOU’RE WEARING PURPLE EYESHADOW! I should have worn funkier clothes, Studio 54-ish or Sporty Spice inspired. It’s like trying to make this skirt fit into a lawyer’s office.

Anyways, tomorrow’s another day, right ;)?

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Photos by Victoria Bauman

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  1. For the record the faux leather pants looked amazing and totally fit the diva date vibes ;) xx

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