Beauty Challenge : False Eyelashes

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Don’t you find that false eyelashes are a tad fraudulent, a bit like push-up bras? Especially when it’s not crystal clear if they’re really yours or not (lashes or boobs). They’re also seriously addictive. Why? Because your real eyelashes look so sad-short-flat-sparse when you take those hairy strips off. It’s a sneaky vicious circle, I’m telling you.

But then, it’s only eyelashes! We tweak and transform our appearance all the time: coloration, hair removal, lipstick. I don’t know why I’m trying to make false eyelashes look like the bad guys… It’s probably the gloomy weather making me a little grumpy.

Anyways. My experience.

(Note that, regardless of everything that I just said, I loved it.)

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Fear #1: They’re going to look sooo fake. I will resemble a drag queen who forgot to take off her makeup.

Outcome: In my head, fake eyelashes are for proms, supper clubs and weddings, yours preferably. Thus, my reluctance to wear them like an everyday prop. But honestly… they looked so real! I don’t think that people would actually notice. However, I drew on a thick line of eyeliner, which made me look like a manga character. Good or bad? I’m indecisive.


Fear #2: Glue for skin… I don’t trust that stuff. It will either:

a) Not work and, in three hours, I will find eyelashes in my glass of wine

b) Burn my iris

c) Rip my skin off when I remove my Sailor Moon eyes

Outcome: Even a tornado wouldn’t have moved my eyelashes. Regarding irritation: none! Except when I had to take them off. I squeaked a little, but it was all over in the blink of an eye. IMPORTANT: Make sure to grab only the false eyelashes. Otherwise, you will end up with bald eyelids.


The irony of it all? I stayed home all day. I’ve never been so fancy for myself only. Here are the thoughts that went through my head as the day passed by:

  • (When catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror.) Wow! You look so awake for someone who’s sleep deprived.
  • They’re feather light! I’m totally going to forget to take them off before going to bed.
  • I feel overdressed in my own apartment.

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Do you wear false eyelashes? If so, for which occasions?

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