Hey Girls, Want To Support Women’s Entrepreneurship?


I have the chance to be surrounded by such inspiring women: my mom, my sisters, colleagues and friends.

One of those ladies is Stephanie Laichi. If we’re allowed to use the words “best friend” after high school, well that’s totally what she is. She’s one of the best person I know. She listens to you when you talk, she’s deeply interesting, she’s the funniest lady on the block and she recently launched Kingsley Desserts, a company selling the most delicious dairy-free ice cream.

Her hard-working personality inspires me when I have to write a post at midnight and I’m dead exhausted. Or when I have to pick up clothes at 12 different locations in the city without a car. At that exact same time, I know that she’s probably crafting her sweets – equally passionate and tired – and it pushes me to go on. She’s not giving up, I’m not giving up and we’re not giving up together. We support each other, professionally and personally, and that’s worth all the friendships in the world.

Okay, enough with my love declaration (I love you Steph!).

The reason I’m telling you this is because I need you to do something for me (and it felt more genuine if I told you about our relationship first). So, Steph and I are participating to a contest called Startup Lab by Ford Fusion, a competition for emerging entrepreneurs. We are now semi-finalists (yay!) and the only way we can classify as finalists is with YOUR votes! If we get there, we’ll have to compete in an Amazing Race like rally and then we could win a grand prize of 10 000$ (to be invested in our businesses, not in a luxury retreat in Bali.)


If you believe in friendship, yummy dairy-free ice cream, women’s entrepreneurship and girl power, please VOTE FOR US! It literally takes 2 seconds. You have until October 8 / 10AM to enter you vote.

**IMPORTANT** You can vote everyday from all you different devices (iPhone, iPad, computer, etc.).

(Yes, the video is blurry, but our personalities shine through ;)

Thank you so much for your help!


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