You’ve Got Mail From Lena Dunham


Twice a week, you can now get Lena Dunham’s words delivered directly into your inbox. Actually, hers and Jenni Konner’s, who’s her producing and writing partner on the TV show Girls. Their wise and witty observations come under the form of a newsletter called Lenny (you guessed it: a collage of their two names).

Launched last Tuesday, the platform is meant to be an open ground for discussions about modern feminism:

“We wanted to create a space where new voices were safe to speak loudly about issues they care about. We want those voices to inspire you, envelop you, and even anger you.”

Doesn’t it sound like the best thing to grace your Gmail in a long time? Forget about Yulair daily travel deals or new discounts available at “name the store where you spend all your paychecks”, Lenny is where it’s at.

I subscribed last Wednesday, that’s right, one day after the launch – because I love what Lena is doing for women and, therefore, I love her – and I’ve received three newsletters so far. What’s so great about the format is that you can read the full articles directly from the email, which kind of creates a girl-only club feeling. Oppositely to the Kardashians’ website scams, this one is free and offers *cough* much more pertinent content.

So, what should you expect? So far, the pair and their staff members (talented writers also working for Jezebel, Rookie, Pitchfork and other cool publications)  nailed an interview with Hillary Clinton in which she talks about her career, love and that sexy cutout dress she wore back in 1993. They also inaugurated a couple of  very promising series such as Rumors  I Heard About my Body (talking about women’s health), Out of Print (covering the work of past under-recognized female artists) and The Biggest Mistake I Made at Work (which is pretty self-explanatory). Once you’re done, why not take a look at a text in which a queer woman explains her reasons for getting married or discover which 8 wardrobe nonbasics you should own, as told by the extravagantly awesome stylist Shirley Kurata?

As you can see, there’s something to nurture all facets of a woman’s life. Or like Lenny sums it up:

 “Mostly, we want a snark-free place for feminists to get information: on how to vote, eat, dress, fuck, and live better.”

Curious? Click here to subscribe!

What do you think of Lenna and Jenni’s initiative?

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