Video : How To Find Your Own Authentic Style


I told you about my friend Victoria Bauman before (right here). She’s an amazing life coach who also happens to have a blog about psychological and physical well-being.

Side note: Subscribe to her newsletter! And I’m not even saying that because she’s my friend. She sends it out early in the morning, so it’s the first thing you seen in your inbox. Starting the day with reading her latest post is like doing yoga, drinking green tea and having advice from a spiritual guru all at the same time.

So about three weeks ago, she asked me if I would do an interview with her about finding your own personal style. I said yes right away! And then five seconds later, I realized that I didn’t even know how someone was supposed to find their own authentic style. I wasn’t even sure if I had one myself.

After discussing it with her and reflecting a lot on my own, I realized that it really isn’t about having a defined personal style, like “bohemian chix” or “minimalist freak”. It’s about having a style that’s in tune with your personality and what you wish to express. That’s all that matters.

Sooooo… How do you do that? Hit play to hear some of my advice.

P.S.: Okay, my answers are a little long. BUT, that’s only because I’m super passionate about what I do.

Do you have a personal style? If so, how did you find it?

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