How To Fake Bigger Eyes

Notice how the left one looks more open?

The tiniest detail can make the biggest difference. Like creamy peanut butter instead of crunchy (the fact that some people purposefully pick the former is still a mystery to me). That red pimple that picked your forehead as a growing ground instead of, like, the back of your ear. That third coffee you believe to be innocent that ends up giving you heart palpitations until the next morning. Or that thin line you could put on your eyelid that makes you look a 1000 times more awake than ever before.

What you’ll need:

  • A thin angle brush
  • Dark eyeshadow, preferably brown or black
  • A waterproof eye pencil
  • Your fave mascara
  • A glass of water

1. Most people have tried putting liner on their bottom waterline, usually in an attempt to do a smoky eye look. BUT (be ready to have your world flipped upside down), have you ever tried putting it on your TOP waterline instead? It’s a delicate manoeuvre, but it’s the first step to a subtly more defined eye.


2. Dip your brush in water and remove the excess by tapping it on a tissue. Dab it in your eyeshadow and draw the thinnest line along your lashes. The idea is to make it as invisible as possible – it basically has to fuse with your lashes.

3. Last but not least, apply a thick coat of mascara, so the three elements (liner, eyeshadow, mascara) kind of become one.

That’s it. Simple, right?

*Intro image via Vogue

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  1. I put my eyeliner on both water lines! I’m a very petite person (literally I’m 24 and only 4’10 tall and 80 pounds) and putting eyeliner on both lids gives me huge doll eyes – I love that look.

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