November: Two Collaborations You Just Can’t Miss

Not all collaborations are created equal, some have the “meh I don’t really care” label (remember Lindsay Lohan for Emanuel Ungaro) and others are more like the “this is craaaazy” type. Here are two new ones that are undoubtedly part of the ladder category.

steven-klein-nars copy

NARS X Steven Klein

They’ve been friends for over 20 years and they both excel (to put it lightly) in their respective field. I’m obviously (it’s written in the subtitle) talking about makeup artist François Nars and photographer Steven Klein. Nars became a beauty game changer when he launched his makeup line back in 1994 – it consisted of 12 lipsticks. Let say that it’s grown a LOT since then. Klein nailed a Dior campaign as is first official contract in the industry back in 1985 and has shaken up the fashion world with his erotic and power role playing imagery ever since. So the idea of them working together makes it one of the most interesting collaborations of 2015.

After throwing a NSFW announcement party back in June, their duo finally released the limited collection on November 1st. Expect a complete range of products, from lipsticks to eyeshadows, which, in some cases, are covered with Klein’s gorgeous pictures.

Side note. Ask Anna Wintour to sum up Steven Klein’s work and she’ll do it spot on: “You give him a dress and he will give you a girl in a dress with a robot in a garden”. The lady’s right (yet again).

alexander-wang-evian copy

Alexander Wang X Evian

My reaction when I heard Alexander Wang was collaborating with Evian for a limited edition water bottle? Wang does fancy sportswear + water is recommended when you do sports = it makes total sense! Obviously (and thank god), their decision to team up was a bit more elaborate than my initial reasoning.

Since 2008, Evian has worked with many designers (names like Paul Smith, KENZO and Jean-Paul Gaultier come to mind) on exclusive designs. With Wang’s tenure at Balenciaga (I know, it’s over, but he was quite successful at it) and his eponymous line that seem to always be sold out, he seems to be the ideal candidate to convince fashionistas around to world to stay hydrated. The bottle’s silhouette recalls Wang’s love for simplicity and the barcode – which comes in white or black – is his highly recognizable trademark.

With all that said, one problem remains. What kind of occasion is worthy of Alps-sourced water packaged in a bottle designed by Mr. Wang himself? Any ideas?

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