Love and That’s All


I don’t have any family or close friends living in Paris, only acquaintances. However, I’m surrounded by many people who hold the city dear to their hearts, like my sister Justine, who’s lived there for many months on multiple occasions.

Like many of us, the atrocities committed on Friday leave me speechless, with a lump in my throat. On that night, I was home by myself, ripped open by human cruelty, switching from a feeling of rage to profound sadness. Through all those emotions colliding, a need remained – hold the people I love tightly in my arms and say, again and again, how much I love them.

After such a tragedy, incredulity and helplessness take over and slowly, we realize that regardless of those acts of extreme violence, one thing will prevail. And that’s love.

Since I have not been able to hold everybody I love in my arms since the events, I decided to dedicate a song to each one of them. I want to pause for a second and let them know how precious and irreplaceable they are to me. I love you. So much.

My mom

The Scientist by Coldplay, because my mom loves this song just like I do too. Every time she hears it, a soothing and moving feeling seems to take hold of her. That’s also exactly how I feel when I listen to it. We share this song, mother to daughter.

My dad

The Piano by Michael Nyman, because he used to put the movie’s soundtrack in the car when I was little. In elementary school, I learned piano and today, it’s the only song I remember how to play. I like to think that it’s because of him.

My sister Virginie

I Will Follow You Into The Dark by Death Cab for Cutie, because she told me about them when I was in high school. During those years, she brought me to every indie show possible and she made me witness a colorful world unfolding right in front of my eyes. I still live in that world today.

My sister Justine

Fields of Gold by Sting, because she’s always loved that song, as far back as I can remember. The song is a tribute to love, to time calmly passing by and to the beauty of simple happiness. That’s what Justine and I wish each other.

My love Benoit

Love Songs For Robots by Patrick Watson, because it’s grand, like you and me together.  This song is a healing balm when all the rest is chaos. It does you good, just like you make me feel good.

My friend Stephanie

Rise Up by Andra Day, because it accentuates the goodness and purity of our friendship. You never fail to inspire me or listen to me. I genuinely hope I do the same for you.

My friend Naomie

Space Song by Beach House, because it reminds me of our crazy road trip to Burlington to see them in concert. That’s so you: always giving a bit more than required, to transform life into something unique and extraordinary. You nourish and inspire me.

My friend Sara

England by The National, because I listened to it on repeat when I lived in London. It was still playing in my head when I came back home and bumped into you at a party. That night, unknowingly, you helped me made sense of my professional future. I’m doing what I do today because of you.

My friend Éléonore

Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses by U2, because I kind of forced that album on you when were teenagers and it finally became one of our favorites. We listened to it a lot, laughed and cried a lot to it too. This beautiful song exists outside of time, just like our friendship.

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