Get Elle Québec’s December Issue: I’m Spilling Holiday Styling Secrets


A metallic pleated skirt. It’s one of those pieces you wear once and then you wonder: “When am I ever going to wear this again?” Well let me tell you, at least three times during the holiday season. The reason I can give you such a precise number is because Elle Québec threw me this exact challenge. The amazingly talented duo Tavan & Mitto provided the skirt and then I styled it for three very different occasions: a chic evening spent with your friends, a casual Christmas Eve with the family and your notorious annual work party.

I had so much fun shooting this piece with the Elle Québec’s team – if they had asked me to shoot 12 other metallic pleated skirts, I would have nodded with a mile-long smile.

Anyways, go get your issue now!

P.S.: There’s a bonus how-to makeup section on the iPad version. My pleasure ;)

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