How to Get Wavy Hair Without Heat


Every change of season, my hair decides to part ways with my scalp. (Like if it had somewhere nicer to go?!) Just the fact of running my fingers through my hair means I’ll find  a bunch later in my food (I know, not cool), on my floor and stuck on my favorite sweater.

In my quest to gain back control of my own head, I figured that using extremely hot styling tools during that time of the year was probably not the smartest idea. Actually, I’ve known that for years, but sometimes, you just rather have perfectly iron-tousled thin hair than thick blah hair. Sadly though, my shower drain doesn’t lie, it’s time to stop all that excessive heat. At least until my hair reconciles with my head.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll experiment with no-heat techniques and share the results with you guys. First one up: waves!


  • Sea salt spray
  • Finishing hair oil
  • Volumizing powder
  • Elastics (not rubber)
  • Slightly humid hair
  • Your fingers

Step 1: After applying sea salt spray on your damp hair (I personally love this one by label.m), wait until it’s almost completely dry.


Step 2: Roughly divide your hair in two or three horizontal sections, depending on the amount of hair you have. Take large parts (I know, mine don’t look that big, but I told you already, my hair is crazy thin), divide them into two strands and twist them together. Secure the end loosely with an elastic.

My advice: If your hair becomes too dry during the process, dip your fingers in water and lighlty wet the sections where the need arises.


Step 3: Repeat over and over again until you look like Jennifer Aniston at the Emmys in 1999. Then it’s simple, you just have to wait.


Step 4: Once your hair is completely dry, remove the elastics and undo the twist with your fingers. Finish it off with a bit of hair oil (I used Huile Lactée by Kérastase, which offers UV protection in addition to its moisturizing properties) and dry shampoo (it’s no secret, I’m about to start a fanclub for this one by Bumble & Bumble) to create a bit of an undone finish.



What do you think? What are some other techniques you use to style your hair without heat?

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  1. J’adore tes GIFS (et conseils capillaires) Joëlle! Je vais essayer cette technique aujourd’hui car tout comme toi j’ai un cheveux fin et malheureusement endommagé à cause de l’utilisation prolongée du fer à friser… Merci!

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