Look #5: Atelier b X Very Joëlle


Wednesday, September 2. My phone’s buzzing. Gmail tells me I have a new message. I’m expecting yet another press release… wrong! It’s Anne-Marie Laflamme and Catherine Métivier, the two creative minds behind Atelier b boutique, who want to collaborate with me.

My reply: Thanks for thinking of me!

In my my head: YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!

The plan? Pick 6 pieces from the new collection of their eponymous line and style them the way I want, carte blanche/no rules kinda deal. And you know how I love challenges.

Today. I’m super excited to show you the result of our creative worlds colliding (and Naomie’s inevitably, because you know, we’re inseparable ;).

Voilà! I hope you enjoy it :)

Merino panties No1567 | Basic jersey tank top





Photos by Naomie Tremblay

Cape No1579





Photos by Naomie Tremblay

Raincoat No1521 Grey





“When we were little, we had very simple raincoats cut out of shiny vinyl. Those and rain boots – they both made us love the rain! We wanted to pay them tribute, but in a refined version. Waxed cotton canvas, tortoise buttons hidden under a placket with no visible stitching, greige finishing on the inside… and most importantly, the big pockets where you can tuck away some pebbles.” –Anne-Marie & Catherine

Photos by Naomie Tremblay

Parka Atelier b | Dress Aritzia | Turtleneck French Connection | Boots Aldo

Dress No1463 Mustard





“At first, we imagined this piece by asking ourselves:  in the collective imagination, what would be a dress at its purest form? If a kid were to draw a dress using just a few lines, what would it look like? Over time, this piece has become a classic amongst our collections. Every season, we reinterpret it in a million ways! With linen during summer, with checkered wool or tweed for winter… This one is made with organic cotton twill, which is long lasting and easy-care. The A line is flattering on every body type. The pockets are indispensable. You can wear it either for a wedding in August or at work on a Tuesday in November.” –Anne-Marie & Catherine

Photos by Naomie Tremblay

Dress Atelier B | Vest Aritzia | Boots Aldo

Skirt No 1558 prune





“ The starting point of this skirt was the fabric, with which we fell in love. Made in a traditional mill located in Italy, its texture is firm yet fluid – it creates beautiful flares! The goal was to come up with a simple design that would let the textile be the main focus. It’s also a cozy winter skirt: it’s warm, comfy and cute. And when you’re sitting down, you can see the other side of the fabric which is a different color… Everything is in the details! ” –Anne-Marie & Catherine

Photos by Naomie Tremblay

Skirt Atelier bTop Aritzia | Shoes my own

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