Holidays: 12 Hacks to Revamp Your Dress from Last Year


It’s December 22nd, which means that you’ve already plunged headfirst into the Christmas holidays party whirlwind – and the turkey stuffing – or you’re about to. Let’s assume your gifts are all bought and Pinterest-worthy wrapped, your hosting menu is all figured out and your place is kinda clean. The last thing on your to-do list: what you’re going to wear? Truth is, after you’re done with holiday shopping, your “let’s dress up” budget is near nonexistent.

So here is a crazy idea I’m putting out there… Why not wear the SAME dress as last year? Trust me on this one, neither you cousin nor your friends will notice. Unless you previously went for a floor-length red sequined gown. If so, I want to go to THAT party.

In the hopes of revamping the dress you already own and saving a couple of bucks, here are 12 hacks to make you feel like your outfit is brand new. Okay, meet you at the cheese stick station.


1. Let your socks and tights steal the spotlight

Runways are all about individual style right now, so what better way to shine bright like a diamond than wearing novelty socks or tights? Glitters, sequins, rhinestones, metallic thread, be the life of the party.

2. Add a skirt or a turtleneck

Is it a top?? Is it a jumper?? Neither! It’s a dress pretending to be something else.

Layer on a longer skirt on top of it, ideally not too tight, and it will look like two separates put together. You could also wear a turtleneck underneath, because turtlenecks are EVERYTHING right now.


3. Do a makeup you’ve never done before

Okay, fine, the red lip is pretty, classic, timeless, tasteful, blah blah blah. Holidays are about spending time with the people you love and if they love you back, your silver sequined cat eye should be free of judgement.


4. Get crafty and sew on some patches

Quirky, funky and colorful patches are back in style big time. They were plastered over every cool girl’s jeans this summer and now, they could be all over your Christmas dress. You can mostly find them in vintage stores, sewing stores and recently, at Lowell boutique, where they carry a couple by Rose Hound Apparel. If your less punk and more girly, replace them with tons of sparkling brooches.

5. Wear a hat

That’s pretty self-explanatory. Try to stick to a smaller brim which is more appropriate for indoor events.


6. Crown yourself like a princess

If you want to feel like a princess, I say dress like one. And that starts with fancy hair accessories. Get creative with a necklace you already own and wear it as a headband, go for a velvety bow or (temporarily) steal a brooch from your mom and top off your bun with it.


7. Grungy it up

Remember Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis? That’s exactly it. Layer a deconstructed knitted vest on top of a cardigan and, because you’re a pro at layering and you know it’s never enough, finish it off with a pair of wool tights.

8. Blazing Blazer

Your dress is all frills and sequins? Break off its girliness with a straight boyish blazer. Proportions are super important here so make sure both are about the same length. Otherwise, it goes from Kate Moss-cool to 90s-mommy-not-cool.


9. These shoes are made for shinin’

You know that classic suede pump you love so much because it goes with everything you own? Ditch it. Go for something unexpected, like brogues, creepers or thigh-high boots, and who knows, your shoes might even start a conversation with your 3rd degree cousin with who you have nothing in common.


10. It’s a dress but you can still wear pants

We’ve seen the dress/pant combo happening for a couple of seasons now, so it’s time you give it a spin. Rule of thumb: if your dress is cinched, make sure it’s super short before layering it over tapered pants. Otherwise, proportions will look, well, disproportionate. Dealing with a shift dress? Anything goes. Slim trousers or wide leg pants, try different options until it feels right.

11. Hey, look at my bra!

You’ve got a bit (or a lot) of cleavage going on? Add a lacy bralette underneath so the edges subtly peak out of your décolleté.

Note: Just want to make sure we’re on the same page – a bralette is an unpadded bra. I don’t want to be blinded by any neon push-up bras as I’m peacefully sipping on my eggnog.


12. May your neck steal the show

Chokers can make any outfit look more stylish in a matter of second. If you don’t own one, tie up a silk scarf in a bow around your neck or let it hang loose for a 70’s rock glam vibe.

Which hack will you try? Let me know it the comment section!

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