The Two Best Concealers to Cover a Zit


So it’s 2016. You’re off to a good start. Whatever your resolution – whether it’s doing less like me or more or nothing at all – you’re doing it and you’re doing it GOOD. So everything is under control, right? Well, not quite.

Holidays just ended and that means you ate and drank A LOT. Maybe I’m just comforting myself into believing that I’m not the only one who forgot about the physical capacity of my stomach and liver. In addition to gaining 5 pounds of winter weight – no biggie, it will keep me warm until spring comes back – my skin went cray cray and let me add another cray in there.

Every time I go overboard with food/alcohol, I tend to breakout in really random places. This time: right in the center of my forehead, between my brows. I look like a target. Based on my face mapping limited knowledge, it means that I should lay off rich food and champagne glasses. SURPRISE SURPRISE. It’s not the end of the world, I know, but it sucks to start 2016 with a second face trying to grow out of the face that I already have.

So as I was doing some makeup magic and camouflaging the reddish little bump – let’s call it Andy, just for the fun of it – I thought I would share my all-time two favorite concealers with you. I’ve tried many, believe me, but these two ones have never failed me. Their coverage is flawless, they stay impeccable for hours and they don’t clog pores, so no extra damage.


Pro Longwear Concealer by MAC

Finding a concealer that matches my fair skin is never an easy task, but this one (NW15) is perfect. Its creamy liquid texture makes it very natural looking plus it’s extremely buildable (you can add up layers without looking cakey). Bye bye Andy!

Fifteen other shades are available, so you should find something that suits your needs.

Portfolio Professional Correctors by Lise Watier

This product has been around for over 15 years and I’ve only discovered it recently… Shame on me, because it’s an absolute must! I literally never leave my apartment without it. Every one of the five shades targets a specific issue: redness, purplish dark circles, scars, etc. It’s also filled with vitamin E which explains it’s creamy and moisturizing texture. It’s like Photoshoping your skin in real time. No joke.

3 tips for a flawless application

1. The importance of moisturizing

Make sure the troubled area – in this case, Andy – is moisturized. That way, you’re working with the smoothest surface possible. However, avoid anything oil-based; the concealer won’t stay in place as well.

2. Apply foundation first

I highly suggest to start with foundation. The concealer will blend better than if you were applying it directly on bare skin. Once this first layer of camouflage has been applied, you might also realize that you don’t need as much concealer as you thought.

3. The tools you’ll need

The warmth of your fingers will do wonders with creamy textured products, but for added precision, a tiny little brush is your best choice. Dip your brush in the concealer, dab it on your red bump and blend the outer edges with your index.

As I patiently wait for Andy to leave my face, I’ll go make myself a salad. With tons of veggies. With no side of white wine.

Let me know about your best camouflage tricks in the comments!  

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4 thoughts

  1. If you have a red zit or blemish, use a green pigmented concealer. It might seem weird, but green cancels out red (& vice versa) as they are opposite on the colour chart. My makeup artist cousin told me and it works so well!

  2. Salmon or peachy toned work great with under eye circles! Also orange corrector works great for pigmentation. I personally prefer colour correctors moreover concealers. Great post !

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