7 Faux Fur Pieces You Want in Your Closet Right Now


I won’t lie to you. Faux fur is bold. It’s like standing in the middle of a quiet library and screaming: “PARTYYYYY!”. Personally, that’s what I love about it. There’s nothing apologetic about faux fur. A stranger might even look at you and give you a faint smile, secretly thanking you for making his day brighter (and softer).

When you buy faux fur – cause you definitely will after seeing those amazing pieces I’ve selected for you – just make sure you check those 3 things:

  1. How fast hair comes back into place after you tousle it a bit.
  2. Softness, because who likes itchy fabrics?
  3. Hair density, which you want as high as possible, otherwise you’re going to look like a semi-bold underfed pomeranian.

Also, if you feel like investing in a high-end faux fur piece, make sure you follow specific care rules, like these ones. Some garments are now running in the thousands of dollars (yes, I’m talking about you Stella McCartney!), so you want to make sure you don’t kill your furry friend in the dryer.






Kate Spade




Bettye by Bettye Muller




The Haute Pursuit  

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