1001 Fesses Project : 5 Women and Their Bums


Hey girls, do you like your bum?

“Yes, BUT if it could only be firmer, rounder, smaller, bigger, softer, bouncier…” It’s that famous “but” that 1001 Fesses Project (which could be translated to “1001 Bums Project”) is trying to eradicate.

In November 2014, two longtime friends, Emilie Mercier, photographer, and Frédérique, assistant/mediator/creator, launched this visual journal as an ode to the female body. A lengthy poem dedicated to women wishing to have their bums photographed in all their voluptuousness and vulnerability. Every picture is anonymous, faces are hidden and derrieres of all shapes, ages and colors are unveiled.

Personally, anything that helps women love every bit of their body, I’m in! So when Emilie and Frédérique asked me to collaborate, I didn’t play hard to get.  (No I didn’t pose for them, but one day maybe ;)

In fact, I was more curious to know about the women who decided to bare their bodies for the camera – their intentions, their impressions, their approach to femininity. So here are 5 women and their (sometimes) complex relationships with their bums.

The pictures are in random order, so none of them is specifically associated to a woman in particular.

***SUPPORT 1001 FESSES***: According to the duo, more than 400 bums are awaiting to be photographed in hopes of contributing to this hymn of the female form. That’s why Emilie and Frédérique need a little financial kick – they have to travel to these women who live all around the world. The fundraiser ends on January 14, so hurry up! Click right here to get more info and to do a donation.


Name: Laurence Dulude

Age : 19 ans

Why take part in 1001 Fesses ? Because I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and help girls by contributing with my bum!

How did it feel to be in front of the lens? Freeing, because I learned to view my bum in a way that I had never seen it before. Exploratory too –  taking part in that project was, for me, a step towards accepting my body.

What does the female bum mean to you? Shapes, differences, fragility as much as strength.


What do you like most about your buns? That they’re smooth and a little flabby, I love my little bum!

If you could have coffee with your butt, what would you say? I would tell my bum to stop eating so much salt, if you know what I mean. I would also be thankful for it supporting me at every hour of the day!

What song would you like to dedicate to your bum? Jammin by Bob Marley! Something funny, why not!

I love my butt when… it’s dancing and jiggling.


Name : Claudia

Age : 19 ans

Why did you want to take part in this project? My relationship with my body has been tumultuous, therefore posing for a project celebrating natural and candid beauty sounded freeing.

How did the photoshoot go? Everything happened very organically, I felt at ease rapidly.

What does the female bum represent to you? Something intrinsically beautiful and, in some ways, comforting.


What do you like most about your buns? Their natural roundness.

If you could have coffee with your bum, what would you say? I’m sorry for all those years I tried to melt you away, I hadn’t realized how lucky I was!

Which song would you like to dedicate to your bum? Just Like A Woman sung by Nina Simone, because it’s a tribute to women and it makes me think about my own sensuality.

I love my bum when… I’m at peace with it.


Name : Anne-Marie Courtemanche

Age : 44

Why did you decide to take part in this project? Frédérique and Emilie were looking for real bodies, real women, they weren’t looking for perfection or model-like silhouettes. In other words, the project was about authenticity and reality and not about a specific social beauty ideal.

How did the photoshoot go? Despite the age difference, I didn’t feel judged. I only saw women, coming from different backgrounds, sharing an artistic moment of nudity in a very respectful manner. I didn’t feel shy nor liberated, but I’m happy I did it. It was between me and myself… Others’ opinion wouldn’t have changed anything.


What does the female bum mean to you? My butt has always been important to me, it’s my favourite part of my body, maybe because I have tiny boobs (which I love, even though they’re small). I’ve always been comfortable in my own skin.

However, overtime, I realized that I found it hard to live with the 15 pounds I had gained over the past 2 or 3 years. My bum wasn’t as firm and bouncy as when I was head-over-heels in love with it. So I told myself: tough times are meant to solidify loving feelings. It’s when you’re going through a rough patch that you have to work a little harder to preserve that love. That’s why I decided to get my bum photographed – to learn to love it regardless of the way it looks. Because that’s what I’ve become and that’s totally okay.

If you could go for coffee with your bum, what would you say? Uh… Thanks for being there, without you it would be a little hard to sit down ;)

Which song would you like to dedicate to your buns? Because I loved them less when they got bigger and softer… Hard To Say I’m Sorry by Chicago.

I love my butt when… I observe it in the mirror. Even if it’s now bigger, the curve connecting the lower back to the bum is one of the most beautiful curves of the female form.


Name: Marie

Age: 34

How did you hear about 1001 Fesses? Emilie and Frédérique are friends of mine (and old roommates). I heard them talk about this project many times. At first, they were just kidding around, but then, it got serious. When they decided to do it for real, it was a honor to be one of their first models.

Why did you want to take part in this project? I wouldn’t have done with anybody else or it would have had to be with someone who’s really close to me. I’m naturally quite reserved, so I couldn’t have done it with someone random. At the same time, when they told me about the project, I thought it was a good challenge for me, baring my body in such a simple manner.

Did you pick the location where the photoshoot took place? It was at my place and if I remember correctly, it was a mutual agreement. However, the location wasn’t really important, it was more about the couch I was sitting on. It was raspberry colored and a little baroque. With the fairness of my skin, they thought the contrast and the visual effect were quite nice. It also felt good to do it at home, in my personal space, where I felt comfortable being naked.

How would you describe your experience in front of the camera? They put me at ease right from the start and they gave me time to place myself and feel ready. I wasn’t shy. Since we used to live together, we’ve often seen each other in our undies. I was maybe a little uncomfortable, not because I was naked in front of them, but in front of the camera. Revealing myself like that, considering that I don’t even accept my own body entirely… However, everything went by really quickly – like in two seconds everything was over! Weirdly though, I wouldn’t have minded if it had lasted much longer. I would also like to do it again and not be so shy this time around.


What does the female bum mean to you? Femininity, just like breasts. Our curves define us in a certain way, whether we like it or not. On my end, they’re pretty voluptuous. It’s always been like that and I still don’t fully accept this body of mine, this womanly body. However, seeing dozens of bums through Emilie and Frédérique’s project – small, average, big, young, old – makes me feel good (even if ours always seems to be the worst of the bunch).

What do you like most about your bum? It’s harmonious with the rest of my body. I often find it to big, but if it were smaller, I’m sure I’d find it unappealing.


If you could have coffee with your buns, what would you say? Learn to love yourself the way you are. You’re a greedy bum, so either you live with it or you stop eating so much chocolate.

What song would you like to dedicate to your bum? La Madrague by Brigitte Bardot, just because it evokes desire and warm sand!

I love my butt when… a man looks at it and says that I have the most beautiful curves in the world – that my body is womanly. I feel desired and it’s a very pleasant feeling. These words can galvanize me for days.


Name :

Age : 63

What made you want to take part in this project? Because of the love I have for my daughter.

How would you describe your experience in front of the lens? Surprising and intimidating.

What does the female bum mean to you? A sensuous body part.

If you could have coffee with your bum, what would you say? Couldn’t you be rounder?!

I love my butt when… I’m wearing jeans. It’s quite simple but it makes me feel good!



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