Beauty Talk with Paul & Joe Founder Sophie Mechaly


There are three types of beauty products : the ones that don’t work, the ones that do work but that aren’t nice to look at and the good ones wrapped in the prettiest packaging. What about Paul & Joe? It’s undoubtedly part of the ladder.

If the brand’s name rings a bell, that’s totally normal. Aside from being a big player in the beauty world, Paul & Joe is originally a fashion label. Launched in 1995 by Sophie Mechaly, the Parisian brand is known for its quirky-yet-put-together signature.

Side note: If you’re anything like me, you may wonder “But WHO are Paul and Joe?!” They’re Sophie’s sons. Yup, it’s that simple.

Back to Paul & Joe cosmetics! They look like artefacts found in a beauty bag at a vintage fair – the antique-looking boxes are covered in floral and cat prints AND they’re interchangeable. You kind of just want to lay them around on your beauty shelf and admire how adorable they are. And the formulas? Top notch quality infused with the Japanese cosmetic expertise. So it’s safe to say, I’m a big fan of the line.

Paul & Joe products are renowned for being visually stunning. What is the inspiration for the retro-style look?

It was inspired by my grandma’s dressing table. Being a little girl, I was fascinated by the beautiful makeup products she put on it, and dreamed of using it!

Feline patterns are often found amongst your products – sometimes embedded in a lipstick or adorning the compacts. Why is there a recurrence of the cat?

I’ve always liked cats and I have a sweet spot for kittens. I have one of my own, Gypsy, an all-white chinchilla persian with big green eyes. He gives me a lot of love.

What are your 3 fave beauty products in the Paul & Joe line?

My absolute favourite is the Brightening Serum, it gives an extraordinary glow to my skin. I also like the Mascara Duo, it’s very efficient in lengthening and curving my eyelashes. Finally, the nail polishes for their staying power!

Paul & Joe products are often associated with “joie de vivre”.  To you, what is the joy of living?

Feeling good in your own skin and be surrounded by the ones you love.

What advice would you give to the 25-year- old Sophie Mechaly?

Accept yourself the way you are! Do what you feel like doing and be kind and generous to the people around you.

What is your morning beauty routine like?

First step, I wash my face and then I apply a moisturizer. After, I work on evening my skin tone, I put my mascara and I end with a rosy blush to create a healthy glow. In other words, as natural as possible!

How would you define Parisian beauty?

Personality, character, confidence and determination. Laughing unapologetically. A lot about being natural and spontaneous.

Have you ever tried Paul & Joe beauty products? Which ones are your favourite?

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