February: 3 Products That I’ve Tested and Loved


The shortest AND what-feels-like-the-longest month is finally over : bye February! That also means that it’s time to reveal what are my last month’s fave beauty finds. Like I told you in my previous post, the idea is to test a couple of products for 30 days and then I unveil the ones that I’m falling for. Get ready, it’s happening now!


Perfectly Poreless Putty Perfector and the Wonder Brush by Stila

I’m obsessed with perfect skin, so with foundation too, inevitably. As soon as a new technology hits the market, I need to get my hands on it, just like my sister does with a new Bieber song. (She’ll hate me for saying that, haha.) Amongst all the ones I’ve tried since my teenage years, this one by Stila is one of the most surprising. The texture is like if a pressed powder and a gel foundation had had a baby. That unique mix gives a pretty spectacular coverage: it hides imperfections while feeling weightless and it creates a ridiculously silky finish (hum… where are my pores?).

The application? You have two options. The sponge provided with the putty works wonders for a uniform and opaque finish. Otherwise, there’s the Wonder Brush, which is sold separately. It’s short, which makes it easy to use, its hair is soft like a kitten and it creates a diaphanous radiance, like if you were born photoshopped.


Lip Scrub by Rodial

Every winter, I feel like my lips are going to fall off before I get the chance to scream “spring is here!”. They crack, they burn, they do everything I don’t want them to. Even my 28 lip balms can’t do anything about it… Until now. This lip exfoliator by Rodial has become my savior. AMEN. All you have to do is twist the end of the pencil to make the liquid come out of the spongy tip.

Made with sugar granules, vitamin E and mango, the gel smells like punch, gets rid of dead skins and has moisturizing benefits. Once applied, you rub your lips together and that’s it. I apply lip balm afterwards, because you know, there’s soft. And there’s SOOOOFT.


Tsubaki Beauty Oil by Boscia

Okay, I’m cheating a bit here. I’ve been using this product for way more than a month. Like, at least one year. I’ve never told you about it (and I honestly don’t know why), but I  just can’t hold it in any longer. This Bosica oil has literally saved my skin over the winter. Made with tsubaki (camellia) oil – an ingredient used by geishas apparently to preserve their radiant skin – wakame and rice bran oil, it moisturizes and repairs your skin in addition to slowing down aging signs.

I apply it before going to bed – two drops are more than enough – and I massage it into my skin for at least one minute. After that, I put some moisturizer on and I’m ready to fall sleep! The next morning, I look like I’ve slept 10 hours like a baby, which by the way, never ever happens.

Ever tried any of these products? Which products are in love with these days? Let me know in the comments!


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