I Played a Retro West Coast Girl for Citizen Vintage


I go through so many different psychological stages when I say “yes” to a project. It usually goes like this:

Stage 1:  This is so exciting! I’m so happy they thought of me. Get yourself a bottle of wine, it’s time to celebraaaate (to be sung on Madonna’s Holiday)!”

Stage 2: Wait a second… Don’t you already have two photoshoots to plan this week? And what about the blog post that has to go live on Tuesday? Oh and don’t forget about those two pieces you have to write for Clin d’oeil and Loulou magazines. Why the heck did you take on a new project?!?”

Stage3: Calm down. Write a to-do list. Make yourself a schedule. You won’t see your bed much for a while and that’s okay. You’ll deliver, like you always do. Then, it two weeks, when things slow down, you can rest and binge watch Girls new season.”

Stage 4: I DID IT! I don’t know how, but I did it. Plus, I’m still alive. My under eye circles are down to my thighs, but whatevz. My pride is much greater than anything else right now.

I won’t lie to you, that’s exactly what happened with this this SS16 lookbook I styled (and modeled) for Citizen Vintage. The important part is that I’m crazy happy about the result. It was my first time styling vintage-only clothes and I felt like a kid set loose in a costume closet. Every piece had its own story and you can feel it in the photoshoot’s narrative.

My muse? A West Coast girl who has this dream closet but doesn’t have anywhere to go. So she spends the evening in her equally good looking room and start making phone calls… But I still can’t decide who she’s talking to. The pizza guy, a psychic guru, her first love? I’ll let you decide.








Photos by: Ariana Molly Art + Photography
Styling: Joelle Paquette & Citizen Vintage
MUA: Patrizia Mancini
Hair: Giuliana Contavalli

Shoes provided by L’Intervalle (here and here) & ALDO Shoes (here)

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