My 3 Favorite Beauty Products This Month


See how I didn’t specify the month in my post’s title? It’s my strategy to divert your attention – it’s been sooo long since I’ve done a piece like this one (when it’s supposed to be a monthly rendez-vous)! Seriously, the last few weeks have been intensily busy – I don’t know even know how I got through them. But I’m here now and that’s the important part, right? :D Let’s do this!


Calligraph Cushion Eyeliner by Lise Watier

I LOVE a good cat eye, so I’m kind of obsessed with finding the mostest-perfectest-bestest eyeliner. Good news, this one gets a very well deserved spot in my all-time top 3. Other than being incredibly fun to use – the liquid is diffused through a sponge – it’s deep black, it dries faster than any other ones I’ve tried before and it doesn’t move at all (unless you bawl your eyes out – tried and tested).

Another thing: it doesn’t come with an applicator, which you’ll either love or hate. It’s definitely a plus for me. Some prefer a pen, some rather use a sponge and others are fans of the good old brush (that’s me), so I like that no kind of application is forced on you. Just pick your weapon of choice to complete your perfect eyeliner kit.


Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Caramello by Stila

As a newbie to the liquid lipstick world and to the taupe colorama, this product brought out a good amount of “wows” on my end. I guess the surprise comes from the fact that the package makes it look like a lip gloss, but oh god, it’s not. The color is extremely opaque and rich and it feels like it soaks into your lips, making it extremely longwear. So shout out to the ones who can’t bear the texture of a creamy lipstick – this one almost feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. Vitamin E and avocado oil are also part of the mixture, so your pout stays hydrated all day long. I know, it’s kind of perfect.

True story: I put it on in the morning once and left to work without it. After cursing once (or twice), drinking my coffee and having lunch, I quickly realized it wasn’t going anywhere. My lips were still respectably covered by the time I got home… at 6pm.


Long Lasting Nail Polish in Belle Ami by Ceramic Glaze

Typical day: I decide to do my nails about 45 minutes before leaving for a press event. Great timing, as usual.

My brain: Joëlle, when will you learn to plan things ahead?

Me: Never. I just turned 26, but I’m a kid forever. (I’ve watched Peter Pan to many times.)

With that mindset, I look at the zillion colors I have and a neon orange one catches me eye. It’s by Ceramic Glaze, a brand I’ve never tried before. Honestly, I put it on thinking that I’ll most likely mess it up (like 95% of the time) looking for my keys or running to catch my bus. I guess I had some kind of nail guardian angel that day, because each of the three layers literally dried in one minute. The color was rich and mat and the product is filled with a special clay that fortifies your nails. Bottom line, I left my apartment with perfect nails and a free pass to stay a kid forever :)

Find out about all the products I’ve tested and loved right here!

Which products are you using these days? Any favorite?

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