5 Ways to Style Your Jean Jacket

Elementary school, grade 4. I got my first jean jacket, which was also my first big splurge (88$ seemed like a lot of money at that age). I probably bought it with the check my aunt and uncle gave me for Christmas.

I would wear it to school, on the weekends, all the time, everywhere. It made me feel like a grown-up – something I longed for as a kid. It’s funny, today I feel more like a kid in an adults’ world, but yeah, let’s leave that for another post ;) Sooo, as I was saying, I would sport it with everything. I even wore it as a shirt with a black ribbon choker… yup, pretty much like everyone’s doing these days.

And here I am with a new one to which I’m just as much addicted. It’s from the brand Fidelity Denim (a Canadian brand), it’s made in the States (like everything else from the label – yeah! Sweatshop free!) and it feels like silk (I’m not kidding! It’s made out of tencel, which is the fabric version of heaven). One other thing that I love: it’s kind of boxy so it doesn’t fall in the soccer mom category but rather in the damn-yo-so-cool category. Well, that’s how I feel when I put it on.

So I decided to revisit a few of my favorite back-then looks and to experiment with very-today ones. All that to reconnect with my first fashion love: the jean jacket.

Pins are in. Denim too. 1+1=2.
I feel like the forgotten member of the Baby-Sitters Club.
My professional take on the jean jacket – whatever that means for a freelance writer who works in her PJs most of the time.
Canadian brand. Canadian tuxedo. Duh.
It’s like the mini Joëlle… 15 years later.

Photos Benoit Essiambre

Liking the jacket? Find it right here ;)

Do you have a favorite look? How do YOU style your jean jacket?

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