De L’Île: Poppers, Race Cars and Selfie Sticks

Did Bring It On teach you everything you had to know about life? Were your parties fuelled with Smirnoff Ice? Well get ready to be hit with a wave of nostalgia: De L’Île’s most recent collection and campaign – partially (and exclusively) released on Very Joëlle today and officially launching tomorrow – pay tribute to those unforgettable years.

Judith Lemay-Bonin and Marilyne Gauthier-Leduc, the two incredibly funny ladies behind the label, decided to do an hommage to the 2000s by having a couple of our fondest memories rise from their ashes. Poppers, lower back butterfly tattoos and roaring race cars, their embroideries bring us right back to the Milky pen and way-too-low-rise jean era.

What better way to celebrate their brand new pieces, not with a bag of uncooked ramen and What A Girl Wants by Christina Aguilera, but with a special 2000s-themed Q&A. Judith and Marilyne, help us remember those fabulous years.


How old were you in 2000?

We were 10 when the Millennium bug happened.

Which movie did you watch a thousand times?

Peter Pan, for his pretty eyes, not his acting skills.

What was playing on your Walkman?

Marilyne: Eminem.

Judith: AQUA. Surprisingly enough, it’s the Easter Rabbit who offered me Aquarium as an Easter gift. So generous, right?

Which actor were you dreaming of slow dancing with?

Marilyne: Casper, when he turns into a young boy. I was kind of jealous of Kathleen.

Judith: The little boy who played Peter Pan. Love between us seemed possible because we were the same age, I think…

What poster was hanging right above your bed?

Our walls were plastered with Backstreet Boys posters.

Your fave drink for basement parties?

A forty of Vodkice – full-on drunk.

Your cigarillos flavor?

Vanilla, it’s classier. It was grape in reality. Shhhh.

What garment made you feel super hot?

Flared velvet pants, low-rise, laced.

Which side were you on: butterfly clips or sequined hair gel?

Sequined hair gel. #swellandrebel

The TV show you’d watch after school?

Judith: Radio Enfer

Marilyne: Ramdam, even if I was clearly too old; I would even watch Macaroni tout garni, but hey, only because it played before Ramdam.

Complete the sentence. In 2000, I dreamed of…

Judith: Performing a choreography I had invented in front of the whole school, with a chair as my main prop.

Marilyne: Getting back with Francis Martineau :(

How amazing are they? Yes, I’m talking both about the garments AND the girls. They’re hosting a pop-up shop on June 16 at the Ping Pong Club. Should be pretty phat.

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