Brushes or Fingers: Which One Is Better for Makeup? Let’s Find Out


I love experiments. Some are more world-altering than others and some are, uh-hum, mostly for the sake of entertainment. Like this one.

There are two types of people in the makeup world: the ones who use brushes and the ones who rely entirely on their fingers. I myself am a bit of both. Brushes are precise, they make you feel like a Pat McGrath-worthy makeup artist. Fingers, on the other hand (dad’s joke alert), are freeing. They bring you back to the mini you, when you’d use them to paint abstract stuff (aka “what the heck is this?”) and then force your parents to hang your masterpiece on the fridge.

However, my goal with this extremely scientific experiment was to go beyond individual preferences and unravel the one and only truth: which technique actually gives THE best results?

To answer this beauty conundrum, I replicated the exact same makeup twice, using the two techniques.

Products Used:

Moisturizing Foundation Primer by Paul & Joe | Aqua Glow Serum Concealer by Stila | Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk by NYX |Shimmery Eye Shadow in Silver Green by Clarins | Convertible Colour Palette in Sunrise Splendor by Stila | Glamolash Mascara XXL by Rodial


Makeup #1

From foundation to lipstick, I only used my fingers. The fact of touching my skin and feeling the product’s texture  was nice – it’s like if I understood better the variables I was working with. Another thing, this technique is sooo good when you’re going through the cold months, because it warms up the mixture you’re using, making it a lot easier to apply. As you can see though, nothing needed to be heated up that day. What you may be mistaken for shimmer is good old sweat. #grossbuttrue

The other major difference, which is barely visible in the pictures though, is how the use of your fingers has a direct impact on the saturation of the products you’re using. You have to pile up many layers before it becomes as opaque as what you get with a brush. But eh, that’s totally a plus if you’re looking for a more natural makeup.

Makeup #2

You guessed it; I only used brushes in this one. I just LOVE how precise they are. More so that my hormones are like rebellious teenagers these days – resulting in a couple of breakouts. When it comes to skin imperfections, brushes really are your best friends. Fingers tend to remove a bit of makeup as you apply it whereas brushes don’t do it as much.

I went to the gym between the two looks, thus the change of hair. Let me tell you, when it’s that hot out, bangs during summer are like wearing a turtleneck in Ecuador.

Makeup #1 | Makeup #2

Super Serious Lab Conclusion

It’s a tough one. I think the one done with brushes looks a tiny bit more polished. Or is it just because they give me a greater sense of control? And being a control freak, I’m like sold already?

Overall though, the difference – well at least for this specific makeup – is so minimal that you should pick what you’re the most comfortable with, both in terms of application and results.

So yup, we’re back to square one. That’s the point of experiments, right? You do them because you never know what you’re going to get ;)

What do you think, do you see any difference? Are you more on the brush or finger team?

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