Very Joëlle Is Turning One Year Old!!!


Today is a very special day. Exactly a year ago, I was launching Very Joëlle. That’s 140 posts, 52 looks, never enough GIFs, many jokes and hundreds (more like thousands) of hours of work.

A couple of months before the launch, I was quitting an amazing job to become a full-time freelancer and, most importantly, to give myself time and space to create my own platform, my own world and my own mean of expression. That’s Very Joëlle.

Through those 365 days, I realized one thing. What really gets me excited, beyond putting looks together or doing collages in Photoshop or even writing, is meeting the people that make that content available. The designers, the artists, the entrepreneurs, the thinkers — mixing their vision with mine and creating something special that, I hope, some of you will enjoy looking at or reading.

Honestly, I feel like the happiest blogger/journalist/stylist/girl in the whole world. So yup, Very Joëlle is here to stay ;)

Thank you a thousand times for investing your time and interest in what I do and perhaps laughing at my jokes, which I consider pretty funny from the comfort of my couch with litres of coffee running through my body.

I love you and I hope you’ll continue loving the blog just as much xx


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