Sweet Summer: Eve Gravel X Very Joëlle


If you’ve ever:

a) Bumped into me at the grocery store…

b) Seen me take out my trash…

c) Witnessed the size of my salads on Snapchat…

You must think I cook a lot for my roommates. Truth is, I don’t have any roommates. I live by myself. I just like to eat.

So when Eve Gravel’s team asked me to be part of a project revolving around desserts, my stomach growled and I immediately said yes. The concept? Since every piece of Eve’s summer collection is named after something sugary — like Gelato and Marshmallow — the goal was to pick one kit, stuff my face with the selected dessert and immortalize the sweet moment on camera.

Fashion remains my longtime passion, so I had the decency of choosing the clothes for their design rather than for their names. My pick: a monochromatic twinset composed of the Nougat shorts and the Peach shirt. I was definitely more in a fruity mood (nougat is more of a winter dessert, right?), so I made a Gwyneth Paltrow of myself and prepared white and orange-fleshed peach popsicles. I know, just like a peach is bursting with juice, I’m bursting with creativity.

For those who’d like to try out my 3 Michelin-star-worthy recipe, here it is:

  1. Peaches
  2. Lemonade
  3. Patience. Those ice pops gotta spend the whole night in the freezer. My suggestion: buy yourself some Häaggen-Dazs while you wait.

eve-gravel-very-joelle-paquette4eve-gravel-very-joelle-paquette eve-gravel-very-joelle-paquette2   eve-gravel-very-joelle-paquette7



Top and Shorts by Eve Gravel

Photos by Benoit Essiambre

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