Hey Beautiful! Let’s Go All Natural


Do you ever read the ingredient list on your beauty products? Scary, eh? Scary mostly because you don’t know what 95% of them actually mean. And because they’re impossible to pronounce with all those X’s, Y’s and Z’s.

Going a 100% natural, skincare and cosmetics, is quite a commitment, especially if you’re used to using high-performance-sci-fi-like treatment masks and crazy-saturated-enough-to-make-you-blind lipsticks. But you know, Rome wasn’t built in one day. And your toxic-free ecofriendly makeup bag won’t either.

So, in a spirit of one-step-at-a-time (I know, I overuse dashes, it’s a problem), you should definitely start pampering your skin, your hair and even your teeth(!) with Evy Jo & Co. products. All made in Montreal by Evelyne Leblanc, they’re natural, cruelty-free and they come in sleek packages. You know, the kind you conveniently leave out of your cabinets so your guests can witness your perfectly curated lifestyle.

Head over to LOULOU.com or get their summer issue to read more about the brand. You’ll also get to see me take a bath while fake-reading a book and remove my makeup in iridescent boyfriend jeans. You can’t miss that.

T-shirt by Eve Gravel | Photo by Justine Paquette

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