3 Skin Products for the City Girl Who Doesn’t Sleep Much


Me, sleeping? Hahaha. But, no, seriously, I’m well aware of the importance of sleeping (more). My photographer Naomie always reminds me. She says she’s worried about me. Honestly, I think it’s because she’s plain tired of retouching my dark circles on Photoshop.

One of my friends recently asked my why I slept so little. Obviously, when you add up work + social life, my days spread from 8am to 1am. The thing is, if I really wanted to clock in more hours in my bed, I’d find a way to free up my schedule, right? So it’s kind of a lame excuse. Do you want the REAL reason? I love being awake too much. Going to bed is like pressing on “pause” when I’d rather be on “play”.

It’s a lifestyle that undoubtedly suits me. But my skin… Ouch. It must want to kill me. Lack of sleep and stress; we all know these aren’t your complexion’s best buddies. I guess it sent out despair waves out in the universe, because I just discovered 3 new products specifically targeting the damages caused by my hyperactivity and a couple of external stress factors, like pollution. So I get the best of both worlds: I keep on going with my busy-bee schedule and my skin doesn’t even notice.


Multi-Active Day and Night Creams by Clarins

This range of day and nights creams is made with teasel, a flower targeting heads on your fibroblast, also know as “the cell that keeps your skin looking young”.

The day cream also uses myrothamnus, a superplant growing in South Africa that can survive through extremely long droughts. In other words, this cream is like a monsoon in a savanna that hasn’t seen water in weeks. Early wrinkles are smoothed over and skin’s radiance is boosted. Just like a blooming meadow. #SoPoetic

The power of the night cream resides in its main ingredient: the organic California poppy. This flower has the particularity of closing onto itself at night to better regenerate. (A concept that I seemingly still don’t understand.) So all those short and agitated nights end up having a smaller impact on your skin. Your face feels rested even if you don’t necessarily sleep more.

And now is the time I go crazy about their divine scent! It’s vegetal, floral, fresh, and unique, all at the same time. Both creams smell so good — if I could kiss my own face, I would.



C E Ferulic Serum by Skin Ceuticals

Oh, those damn free radicals! So many people use those terms without actually knowing what they mean. Let me vulgarize what they are. Free radicals are external irritants — like pollution and UV rays — provoking the oxydation of your cells, making your body age prematurely, hence your skin too. The solution: antioxydants. Voilà!

That’s precisely what this serum and its three main ingredients are all about. Vitamin C has amazing antioxydant properties, especially in this case, where pure l-ascorbic acid is used in a sufficient quantity (15%) for it to be truly efficient. The presence of vitamin E also helps combatting free radicals while replenishing skin lipids. Lastly, ferulic acid multiplies the vitamins C and E’s benefits.

In the morning, after washing your skin, apply 4 to 5 drops* on your face, neck and cleavage. The product sinks into the skin super fast, so don’t wait before rubbing it evenly. The smell? It’s a little smoky. It’s pretty peculiar, but you’ll get used to it — more so knowing that the serum continues to do wonders 72 hours after its application.

*Sorry to all the lazy girls out there! The serum doesn’t contain any SPF, so you still have to put sunscreen on.


What are some of your tricks to get a I-had-the-best-night-of-sleep-but-not-really kinda skin?

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