My Pink Wall Is My New Favourite Backdrop


I’m officially stuffed with cheese and turkey until next year.

Other than eating (and drinking), I spent my holidays painting my new place. And guess what?! I’ve got a pink wall!! It’s not a girly girl pink but more like a warm Palm Springs kinda pink. I love it so much.

Also, let me be honest: I can’t stand minimalism anymore. I know minimalism is meant to aesthetically last a long time, but who said a bit of funkiness couldn’t do the same? I find that colours make a space feel so much more personal and cozier. Let’s take Kinfolk for example, as much as I loooove the magazine, don’t you find that all interiors shown in their pages could all come from the same house?

Anyways, back to my awesome pink wall. Other than being incredibly gorgeous, it’s also become the best back drop for improvised photoshoots. Cheers to the inaugural one in collab with Labels Co.!

Clothes, accessories and makeup: get all the details right here!


Clothes, accessories and makeup: get all the details right here!

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