Nail Art for the Ones Who Don’t Have Time for Nail Art

I don’t hate nail art. I just hate how long it takes for the time it actually lasts.

I know what they say – don’t use your nails as a tool, put rubber gloves on when you do the dishes, blah blah blah. The problem is that I DO use my nails as a tool (isn’t it what they’re there for?) and I don’t wear rubber gloves to do my dishes (truth be told: they kind of gross me out).

So to add a bit of funkiness to my hands without spending more time than a regular at-home manucure, I started alternating colours on my nails or using different finishes, like sequins. It’s super quick, clumsiness-free AND it looks awesome.

Shop this look (nail polish included!) right here :)


Shop this look (nail polish included!) right here :)

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