Video: How to Do a Two-Strand French Braid

After being asked about 256 times — I’m barely joking, this hairdo is always a great source of curiosity — here are the steps to do a two-strand French braid.

*Click on the text symbol in the video for English subtitles*

On my end, I do it about three times a week for three different reasons:

  1. A bad hair day
  2. Dirty hair
  3. At the gym

Moreover, if you’re a French braid rookie, make sure you try it on a day you don’t have much to do and especially NOT during a moment of panic, like: “Damn it, I have a meeting in 20 minutes, it seems like the BEST timing to attempt the two-strand French braid for the first time!!!”. Not that it’s hard to do, it just requires a bit of practice ;)

Oh and here are the products I use in the tutorial:

On that note, I hope to bump into you sporting your gorgeeeooouuus princess hairdo.

Let me know how it goes!

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