How the Baby-Sitter Club Influenced My Style

Before I became the biggest Clueless fan, I was obsessed with The Baby-Sitter Club. I watched it so many times with my sister Justine! I could almost act it out from beginning to end AND hum the soundtrack between each scene (don’t ask me to do that, my voice is terrible and I’m sure you don’t want your ears to start bleeding).


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So last week, I shot a look for my collab with Labels Co. and, as I was going through my pictures, it kept reminding of something. Jeans jacket, top bun, laced-up crop top, round sunglasses… I KNOW: The Baby-Sitter Club!!! It’s like if all the characters had melted and formed back again into one character! It’s a bit like if Kristy, Stacey, Mary Anne and Dawn had had a baby. (That’s how you make babies, right?)

So it made me want to revisit their style and what a style they had!


Rachel Leigh Cook (Mary Anne) is having quite a fashion moment here. And what about Stacey (the fans will know I’m talking about the girl on the left): look at her mom jeans and loafers. I bet 20$ that some of you are wearing this exact outfit today.


Anna Wintour clearly stole Mary Anne’s hairstyle (minus the bangs) and I clearly stole Dawn’s braiding technique. Also, sneakers with short socks = always a winner.


The one in the front was the mean girl in the movie, but let’s take a few seconds to acknowledge her layering skills.

What movie influenced your style the most? Let me know in the comments!

Photo: Benoit Essiambre

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