I’m Going on a Fashion Truck Tour!

We all have that friend, whom we see every three months, but whom we know is always there for important stuff. I feel a bit like that with you sometimes. I’m there for key moments (let’s all take a minute to remember the vajacial episode), but still, I wish I could write to you a little more often. I also wish I had 27 hours in a day. #LetsKeepDreaming

Whatever, let’s stop with the excuses already! The reason why I’ve been quiet in the past few weeks is because I was working on a big project in collaboration with Clin d’oeil magazine and La Parisienne. And guess what? The project is finally launching today!

The goal: convince people to give a second chance to the clothes they already own. I know, I love shopping too, it feels gratifying. But you know what’s even more gratifying? Transforming old clothes into dream clothes, for a fraction of the price.

We all know that the clothing industry is the second most polluting after the oil industry — if that’s news to you, you’ve got to watch The True Cost, it’s eye opening — in addition of not being the best at respecting basic human rights. In other words, by recycling your clothes, you’re shopping for good karma!

In order to make you the upcycling pro, we prepared three videos in which I show you not-tacky-at-all DIYs. (If you’re looking for tie-dye techniques, you’re not on the right website my friend.)

  1. How to upgrade a jacket?
  2. How to upgrade a sweater?
  3. How to upgrade a shirt?

(Sorry about those #crazyeyes moments, it’s passion talking ;)

The other part of the projet that is really really really cool is the fashion truck tour! You read that right. It’s like a food truck, but instead of selling grilled cheese, we revamp your clothes. Think of it as the Spice Girls’ bus, but with sewing machines instead of Baby Spice’s swing.

My role in that whole thing? Stylist/consultant/joker every now and then. Your sole responsibility? Bringing me something you don’t wear anymore, but you’re not ready to throw out just yet. I evaluate its potential, we brainstorm together and then the two seamstresses on board rescue your dear piece of clothing. All that for a total of zero dollars.

By visiting us, you also enter to win a ladies night with me during which I will share all my most valued fashion advice while listening to groovy music and sipping on some bubbles.

To know where the truck will stop during the four upcoming weekends, click right here!

Hope to see your gorgeous face there! xx

P.S.: If ever you want to get rid of a bunch of clothes, bring them over! We’ll take care of donating them to Certex, an organism specializing in textile recycling.

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