3 Reasons Why I’m Addicted to Sneakers

A PR girl once told me that I always looked restless, like I was running to some place. She was pretty spot on — I am kind of always running between two events, meetings, photoshoots, styling pick-ups, workouts, name it! I only stop when I go to bed or when I fall into THE deep black hole, commonly called Netflix.

I also want to point out that I do all that by foot. (One day I’ll be an adult and I’ll own a car. It’s going to be a green olive vintage Mercedes and I’ll be the coolest gal in Little-Italy.) So until then, as much as I love to wear heels when the sun sets, I swear by sneakers during the day, specifically for those three reasons:

  1. I sometimes walk more than 15 km per day (source: my pedometer). Can you imagine if I did all that in heels? My spine would be like a poor little rotini suffering from 8 scoliosis.
  2. I take great pleasure in going past a girl walking with her heels at turtle pace. I tell myself that she must envy me in my cute and comfy sneakers with a heel drop of 0 mm. #TheLittleThings
  3. My imagination is quite fertile and I think that if ever I find myself in danger — apocalypse, tsunami, coyote attack — my sneakers could actually save my life.

For the past few weeks, these ECCO ones, which are part of their new SOFT 8 collection, have been my main mean of transportation. And let me tell ya, they’re amongst the comfiest sneaker rides you’ll ever get! I get blisters just by looking at badly constructed shoes and I can assure you that these ones are just like slippers. That and they match with like 98% of my wardrobe.

Sneakers ECCO | Hoodie H&M | Skirt Artizia

Cool, eh? Find them right here :)

Photos Melika Dez | Huge thanks to the Wonderblush studio for welcoming us so warmly (and with warm cups of coffee :)!

*This post is sponsored by ECCO


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