4 Products to Make Your Skin Shine Bright Like a Diamond

I’m obsessed with beautiful skin (you know, the kind that looks poreless), probably because mine is far from perfect. It reacts (badly) to all possible triggers: hormones, stress, fatigue, new beauty products, seasonal change, food, my boyfriend’s beard, etc.

On some weeks, it’s Hollywood-worthy and sometimes, it’s a breakout, blocked pore and dry skin fest.

Overtime, however, I’ve realized that the worst thing you can do is giving up during a skin crisis. Even if my skin isn’t always on top of the world (because, ya know, life!), I make sure I take care of the area surrounding those little imperfections so the positive outshines the negative.

Regardless if your skin is impeccable or an all-time diva like mine, here are my four favourite products for a dazzling glow.

Bamboo Charcoal Konjac Sponge by Elle R Cosmétiques

My beauty motto: I care as much about the products I put on my face as I care about the way I apply them. This sponge made from konjac, (a root vegetable that was once used by the Japanese for its detoxifying properties) also contains purifying bamboo charcoal. You can use it on its own, but I’d rather double its efficiency by pairing it with my face cleanser right before heading to bed.

The second best thing about that sponge is that it also multiplies the benefits from the products your use afterwards. Why is that? Rubbing your skin activates blood flow AND gets rid of dead skin cells, which means your other creams will penetrate more effectively.

Beauty Oil for Sensitive Skin by Cho Nature

If you’re interested in waking up with even and luminous complexion (who wouldn’t be, right?!), I strongly suggest you use this oil specifically made for sensitive skin. Every night, I mix two drops with my moisturizer and then I massage my face for at least 30 seconds. Made with macadamia, bourage and argan oil, and wheat germ, vitamin E and patchouli essential oil, it soothes, regenerates, moisturizes and stops your skin from aging. In other words: it does pretty much everything.

And for the ones scared of clogging their pores by splashing oil onto their face, there’s no need to worry. I’ve been putting it on my skin for over a month and it hasn’t caused any breakouts.

Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation by Lancôme

Finding a good foundation: easier said than done. And honestly, I’m like the pickiest girl out there. But this one, by Lancôme… It’s kind of amazing. It gives medium coverage, which means that it conceals little imperfections, from under eye circles to small breakouts, without giving that plastered look. It stays on for the whole day (like, for real) and creates that dewy texture that I love.

Tried and tested: I often go to the gym late in the afternoon, meaning that I regularly sweat while wearing makeup. And guess what? Even after an hour and a half of I’m-about-to-die kind of workout, this foundation is still intact.

Style Addict Highlighter par Teeez

The problem with highlighters is that most of them contain sequins. “So what?”, you might ask. Well, I find having sparkles all over my cheeks at 9 am on a weekday a little too intense. That’s exactly why this sequin-free pearly glowing cream by Teeez has become one of my favourites. It creates a diffused halo rather than an overload of glitters. Most of the time, I use it on my cheeks and blur it with my fingers for an instant luminous boost. For a more subtle finish, I blend it with my foundation on the back of my hand before rubbing it all over my face.

What’s even better about this highlighter: the astonishing amount of product that fits into that little container! So get ready to shine bright like a diamond all year long.

I want to hear about your best tricks for a glowing complexion! Let me know in the comments :)

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