#VeryPicky: Discover My Weekly Faves

Dear friends, please welcome #VeryPicky, a new weekly rendez-vous in which I will share some of my favourite fashion, shoes, accessories and sometimes beauty products of the moment!

I come across so much cool stuff all the time, yet I don’t always have time to talk about it in 600-word long posts. Hence, this new casual-yet-super-fun online gathering :)

What you should expect? Cool brands, amazing designs and a few jokes here and there (you know me ;). Enjoy guys!


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1. It’s 10:45 PM as I’m writing this post. I’m not doing anything other than typing, but I’m still sweating like if I were running a marathon in Ecuador. Thus this cute and flirty dress, 100% linen-made or commonly known as the most breathable fabric ever.

Dress by Reformation

2. Because one can never own too much linen, here is another ode to the fibre in the form of a gorgeous top. The designer, Eliza Faulkner, is from British Columbia, but now lives and designs from Montreal. Check her out, she’s going to blow your fashion mind.

Top by Eliza Faulkner

3. These sandals happen to reunite to things I LOOOVE: espadrilles and pastels. Made in Spain, they look as feminine as they seem comfortable. In other words, I could run to catch the subway and still look like a princess.

Espadrilles by Intentionally Blank

4. I love the idea of having a body part onto another body part that both have nothing in common. It’s like Inception but for the fashion-obsessed. And that is exactly why I’m adding those handmade gold plated earrings to my shopping cart.

Earrings by Young Frankk

5. Why wear your heart on your sleeves when you could wear it around your waist? This leather bag by Noémiah made in collaboration with Veinage (both Montreal brands) is what I call a cuteness overload. Wear it with the strap to free your hands or without it as an evening back for your next date.

Leather bag by Noémiah X Veinage

You know about a cool brand that should be featured in #VeryPicky?

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