#VeryPicky: Discover My Weekly Picks

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I swam across the whole internet sea to find the best products of the week, all from brands busting the coolness thermometer.

1. Sunglasses by Carla Colour

I’m obsessed with sunglasses. They have the ability to completely change a look, just like shoes (except they will never give you blisters). That’s probably why I now have have my eyes on (pun: 10/10) this pair by Carla Robertson. Based in New York, the self-taught Australian designs her frames with zyl cellulose. Mmm, zyl what? It’s a kind of acetate made from wood pulps and cotton fibres, both sustainable materials. Each frame also comes in a handmade vegetable-tanned leather sleeve, which is a nice change from the bulky plastic case eyewear companies usually use.

2. Sweater by être cécile

Right from the start, I’ve been a huge fan of this London-based brand specializing in quirky t-shirts and sweaters. With a tagline that reads «presque parisienne» and its French-written prints, the label clearly finds inspiration in the baguette, pastis and marinière culture. And what about Cécile, who is she? It’s the founders Yasmin Swell and Kyle Robinson’s muse, an Irish artist in the 60s relocated in Paris who was known to have impeccable style. I have a soft spot for this particular sweater because you know, it’s summertime, the mood is prone to adventures AND I really want to french kiss my boyfriend ;)

3. Blueberry Hydro Hair Serum by Mistik

I have a bunch of friends who refuse to use heat on their hair to prevent breakage; a decision that seems totally logical. Personally, my hair doesn’t seem to suffer from my regular use of a hairdryer and straightening iron, so bring on the brushings!!!

But seriously, one of the reasons why my hair is not in total agony state is because I take great care of hit. This moisturizing AND heat protectant serum by Mistik — a Montreal company 100% natural — is one of my new faves. It goes on dry or wet hair and because of the blueberries and linen (both organic), it’s super nourishing, gorged with antioxydants and preserves hydration.

4. Tinted Jasmine and Rose Lip Balm by Evy Jo & Co

The taste of a lip balm is super important. It seasons everything we eat, drink and all the kisses we give. This one by Evy Jo & Co, a Montreal-based company, deserves a perfect score for its bouquet-of-freshly-cut-flowers scent. Slightly tinted, the jasmine and rose formula can be applied both on the cheeks and lips (#MultitaskingTeam). And let’s not forget that the coconut oil, vitamin E and essential oils ensure a pout as soft as the inside of a fluffy sweater.

5. Cotton Coat by Mr. Larkin

Launched in San Francisco in 2008, the online boutique Mr. Larkin now operates from Copenhaguen, where its founder has since found love. (Who can blame her, Danes are incredibly good-looking). If I had to describe the e-shop in one sentence, it would probably be something like: The paradise of unknown brands that should be known.

Mr. Larkin also has its own eponymous line and designs beautiful pieces like this 100% cotton coat, made in Portugal, which is, by my standards, pure perfection. The stripes’ colour, the length, the larger-than-life sleeves: if I owned this coat, I’d pair it with my most basic outfits to give them all a kick.

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